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"In God we trust.
All others we monitor."


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From "Islamic Fundamentalist's Global Network - Modus Operandi - Model Bosnia" pp. 29-30


Financial Committee    
  • Securing the funding for the network.
  • Relies especially on "humanitarian organizations" within the network.


Legal and Religious Committee    
  • Justifies and covers for actions of Muslim terrorists.
  • An important part of this work is convincing the Muslims they are always the victims, and when they attack, it is only in "self-defense."


Media Committee     
  • One of the most important, since the establishment of Al-Qaeda 
    requires spreading misinformation on all levels.


Communications Committee    
  • Ensures the coordination and flow of men, money and information. Provides false identification – passports, ID cards and everything else an Al-Qaeda member needs to stay unnoticed.


Military Committee    
  • Recruits and trains fundamentalists in a variety of methods 
    including through using "humanitarian organizations."
  • This committee takes care of all needs of the other Al-Qaeda member cells, and organizes their specific actions.
  • Once a terrorist target is chosen, the variant Al-Qaeda members prepared to attack the target through using various brainwashing methods.
  • Almost all attacks are suicide missions, though there were a few certain exceptions. 


NGO Committee    
  • Both recruits and trains Muslim fundamentalists for the NGO 
  • This is the easiest way of infiltrating any specific western state and/or society.
  • The organizations are legal which makes the NGO cells difficult to crack down on them without violating the elementary civil and human rights laws within such states and societies. 


State Committee    
  • Works with the coordination of the other aforementioned 
    committees by: recruiting, lobbying as well as assisting infiltrating affiliate terrorist members into western state apparatus’ as civil servants, especially by targeting primarily third world states.