Intel - Terrorism

"In God we trust.
All others we monitor."


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RAND study on use of internet for planning by terrorists - very thorough


Avenue of Approach

  • Blueprints available?
  • Construction underway?
  • General Layout
  • Specific locations of entrances
  • Specific locations of exits


Security Forces

  • Are radio communications encrypted?
  • Can radio communications signals be jammed?
  • How exposed are security forces?
  • How many security officers might be encountered during an operation?
  • How well armed are the security forces expected to be?
  • How well trained are the security forces?
  • What radio communications and frequencies would security forces be using?
  • What security presence is in place
  • What security procedures are in place?
  • What uniforms do the security forces wear?


Security Measures

  • Cameras
  • Security checkpoints
  • Security monitoring devices
  • Security monitoring sensors
  • Trained sniffing dogs