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  • Born
  • Al-Faisal was born William Forest to a Salvation Army family in Jamaica
  • Through his "study circle" tours of Britain he came into contact with other prominent extremists. He is a close ally of the radical cleric Abu Hamza, who was jailed for seven years on Tuesday for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. Hamza was called to testify as a defence witness in al-Faisal's trial and has shared a speaking platform with him.
  • He is alleged to have been close to Earnest James Ujaama, who was jailed in America for two years after confessing his role in setting up an Al-Qaeda training camp, allegedly with Hamza, in Oregon. Like Khan, Ujaama asked questions at al-Faisal's lectures in Britain.
  • He had lived with his wife and five children in Stratford, east London until he was arrested.
  • After his conviction, his Pakistani-born and burka-wearing wife, Zubaida Khan, tried to justify her husband's sermons in their "true" context. She said: "When he said, 'If you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money', he was talking about a war-like situation such as the problems between Muslims and Hindus in Kashmir." She added: "When he said, 'How wonderful it is to kill a kaffir, he was quoting from holy scriptures. He is a man of God, a good father, and a very good husband. If he were a terrorist, he would not have chosen to speak in public."



  • "unbelievers have tried to wipe Muslims off the face of the world"
  • "Christians and Jews will never accept you until you follow their evil and corrupted way of life."
  • British law was "put together by the henchmen of Satan, people who are gays and devil worshippers".
  • He suggested that nuclear power stations could be fuelled with bodies of Hindus, slaughtered for their "oppression" of Muslims in Kashmir.
  • he cited the death of Ilan Ramon, the Israeli astronaut killed in the Columbia shuttle disaster, as a "splendid example" of Jewish deceit because he died on a Saturday when Jews were not supposed to be at work.
  • His hatred of America was open. He said of Clinton: "He killed innocent Muslims because he wanted to save his presidency after he was disgraced at home, and he has the audacity to say when he bombed two Muslim countries that it wasn't an attack on Islam. What Muslim on earth would believe that?"
  • On Hindus, he claimed: "You can use chemical weapons to exterminate the non-believer. If you have cockroaches in your house you can spray them, yes with chemicals, chemicals. Who has more dignity, the cockroach or the unbeliever? If you spray the cockroach, spray the Hindu."
  • And justifying war against the infidel, he said: "When you have a legitimate target you strike at it. If women and children die they are collateral damage"
  • Al-Faisal, who has branded non-Muslims as "cockroaches" ripe for extermination"
  • he singles out Mother Teresa and the royal family, saying they would burn in hell. In another he rants: "The only way forward is for you, the Muslims, to kill the kufrs (non-believers)."
  • In one sermon he advanced "19 reasons why there can never be peace with the Jews", accusing them of being racist, rotten to the core, sexually perverse and experts in temptation and sedition.
  • He said it was acceptable for Jews, Americans and Hindus to be murdered with chemical weapons. He advised that: "Even if you are hit by a cruise missile the pain will feel like a mosquito bite".
  • "You all have to strike against America anywhere in the world you are. Is that clear? You have to learn how to shoot, to fly planes, to drive tanks and you have to learn how to load your guns and to use missiles."
  • On terrorism, he said: "Liberty can never be achieved by democracy. The way forward can never be the ballot; the way forward is the bullet. Islam was spread by the sword, today it has got to be spread by the Kalashnikov."



Famous Students and Recruits
  • Zaccarias Moussaui
  • The shoe bomber Richard Reid also was a regular visitor at this mosque
  • In May this year, newly-appointed Home Secretary John Reid told the House of Commons that one of the four suicide bombers of 7/7, Jermaine Lindsay, had been "strongly influenced" by the sermons of Abdullah al-Faisal.
  • There was a connection with other 7/7 bombers. The Sunday Times reported that Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer had attended the Al-Madina Masjid mosque in Beeston. The imam of this mosque, Hamid Ali, claimed that the 7/7 bombers were al-Faisal's "children". Faisal actually preached at this mosque on three separate occasions.



Left Jamaica Aged 16



Traveled to South America



Studied Islam in Saudi Arabia
  • then he had travelled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he studied Islam.



Saudis Pay Come To Britain Early 1991
  • He was sponsored by Saudi religious authorities, who paid for him to come to Britain in 1991
  • He had said to police that he had been sent to Britain by Sheikh Rajhi, apparently one of the members of the Al-Rajhi family in Saudi Arabia, often accused of supporting international terrorism.



Imam at Brixton Mosque
  • where he became the imam of Brixton mosque, south London



Recruited Abu Abdullah about 1998

James Ujaama


Violent Jihad Training Camp in Bly, Oregon October 1999
  • The Times claims that he was a close associate of Earnest James Ujaama. In the US in April 2003, James Ujaama pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to support the Taliban. Ujaama and Abu Hamza and Haroon Rashid Aswat were involved in trying to set up a jihadi training camp in Bly, Oregon.The man, James Ujaama, 38, who was arrested in July 2002, was indicted on two charges: conspiring to set up a terrorist training camp in Bly and using a firearm to further the conspiracy.
  • Ujaama also admitted that between June 2000 and December 19, 2001, he had attempted to raise funds for, and to provide assistance to, terrorists in Afghanistan.
  • Eight of the eleven counts of the US extradition order against Hamza refer to his involvement with Ujaama and others in the setting up of a training camp at Dog Cry Ranch in Bly, a hamlet 50 miles east of Klamath Falls in Klamath County, Oregon.
  • Earnest James Ujaama, who went under the alias of "Bilal Ahmed", Abu Samayya, and Abdul Qaadir, was born Earnest James Thompson in Denver, Colorado, in 1966. His family moved to Seattle, Washington state, when he was five years old. He attended Ingraham High School in North Seattle. While still a student, Ujaama displayed entrepreneurial spirit, running a home-maintenance business. Aged 20, he worked with his younger brother Jon (Mustafa) in a business which sent its profits to children in Ethiopia.
  • James Ujaama became strongly involved with Dar-us-Salaam mosque at 2211 Union Street, Seattle. This had started its existence in the early 1990s as the Yasin mosque, based at a small shop-front in East Cherry Street.
  • The Dar-us-Salaam mosque - since closed down - prided itself on taking young black people with prostitution and drug habits to come to the mosque and "reform" themselves. Despite this, the mosque's leadership was not as upright as it claimed. Mustafa Ujaama stated: "The FBI had been on us since '95, when we hooked up with Imam Jamil [Al-Amin]." This individual was the former Black Panther H. Rap Brown. It is alleged that the Ujaamas' father had ties with the Black Panthers.



Lectured at Beeston Mosque Three Times
  • al-Faisal had visited the Beeston mosque at least three times to give "lectures".



Urged Followers to Rob Banks to Fun Jihad
  • Faisal even urged his followers to rob banks to gain funds, according to AKI, quoted on Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch: "Do you, like many, cry because you are poor? If so, wage jihad! Look at all the money stashed away in Swiss banks. There's bank in Brunei where King Fahd has deposited 30 million dollars. If you are suffering from poverty, wage jihad and see the money pour into your hands."



Expelled from Brixton Mosque
  • Faisal would be expelled from the Brixton mosque, as Hamza would be expelled from the Finsbury Park mosque, and both were eventually convicted on near-identical charges.



Judge Got Bribe Letter to Drop Charges
  • The funding of both Hamza and Faisal are intriguing. State benefits do not allow for easy travel up and down the country, yet during his trial the judge, Peter Beaumont, received a letter posted in Scotland, in which he was offered 50,000 ($94,785) to cancel the case.



Convicted February 24, 2003
  • Faisal, who was convicted on 24 February 2003 (later sentenced to nine years' jail, reduced on appeal to seven), for three charges of racial incitement and three of "soliciting murder" of Jews, Americans and Hindus, did live in east London, in Stratford.



Videos Distributed as DVDs
  • Many of them have recently been reproduced as DVDs by Amar Iqbal, a Muslim activist from Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester. On Friday he said he only sold copies of al-Faisal sermons that were legal.
  • The DVDs bought this week have covers with images such as atomic explosions and smoke rising from the White House. In one entitled Ideological Warfare, al-Faisal claims "unbelievers have tried to wipe Muslims off the face of the world"