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IEDs: Improvised Explosive Devices

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Environment Affects Injury Patterns
  • Open Space
    Street Corner, Open Market, Stadium, Roadway
    10% fatalities
    Blast Impulse Weakens Rapidly Unless Reflected
    Nails > 100 meters
    Straight Forward Rescue and Transport
  • Confined Space
    Inside Bus, Train, Auditorium
    20% fatalities
    Blast Pressures Intensified
    More Complicated Rescue
  • Structural Collapse (Closed Space)
    Inside Reinforced, Multistory Building
    20% fatalities
    Complex Reflections
    Complicated Rescue
    Delayed Care

Precursor Chemicals
  • Amonium Nitrate
  • Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine
  • Triacetone Triperoxide
Shrapnel and Fragments
  • Ball bearings
  • Bolts
  • Glass
  • Nails
Size Does Matter
  • Suicide Bomber
    5 meters lethal blast range
    10-30 meters serious injury range
  • Compact Car
    30 meters lethal blast range
    450 meters serious injury range
  • Sedan
    60 meters lethal blast range
    530 meters serious injury range
  • Passenger Van
    80 meters lethal blast range
    840 meters serious injury range
  • Panel Truck
    91 meters lethal blast range
    1150 meters serious injury range
  • Fuel Truck
    140 meters lethal blast range
    1980 meters serious injury range
Suicide IEDs
  • human-borne suicide IED, also known as the suicide bodysuit
  • vehicle-borne suicide IED
  • motorcycle-borne suicide IED
  • naval craft-borne suicide IED
  • scuba diver-borne suicide IED
  • aerial- (microlight, glider, mini-helicopter) borne suicide IED
Videos of IED Explosions