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Hulon Mitchell born 1935


Hulon Mitchell Divorces, Moves to Miami, Changes Name
Late 1970s

Yahweh ben Yahweh
founded the organization

Yahweh Arrives in Miami
  • He arrived in Miami in 1978 at a time when the city was seething with racial tensions and black rage.


Declares Himself the Messiah, Establishing the Organization
About 1978
  • Once there, he gathered recruits from the city's loosely knit Hebrew Israelite movement, declared himself a black messiah, and started up the Nation of Yahweh.
  • As his congregation grew, his belief system kept evolving. He told his followers that white Jews were Satan's spawn, based on Revelation 3:9 "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you." The passage was yet another indication that blacks were God's chosen people, he said.
  • He read Genesis 15:13 to them "And he said unto Abram, know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years" and interpreted the passage for them. It's whites enslaving blacks for 400 years, he said. He had been chosen, he said, by the "Terrible Black God, Yahweh" to lead oppressed African Americans back to their promised land of Israel, where they would establish a kingdom and live in equality and prosperity.


Miami Police Beat Arthur Duffy to Death, Riots Follow
December 1979
  • Then came the Arthur McDuffie beating, in December 1979. Five Miami cops beat a black insurance salesman to death with their heavy flashlights after he led them on a high-speed chase.


White Jury Finds Miami Police Not Guilty of Wrong-Doing in Duffy Case
  • When an all-white jury returned a "not guilty" verdict, it seemed to confirm Mitchell's racialized teachings: whites got away with murdering a black man!


Rioting in Miami Leads to 18 Deaths, 417 Injured
  • Riots broke out, and the city burst into flames.
  • Three days later, 18 were dead, and 417 injured.


Yahweh Uses Jury Verdict to Maximum
  • When an all-white jury returned a "not guilty" verdict, it seemed to confirm Mitchell's racialized teachings: whites got away with murdering a black man!
  • Immediately afterward, Mitchell's followers visited black communities to pass out tracts with titles such as "Can I Protect My Child from Whitey's Evil Influence?" and "White Americans are Kidnappers and Terrorists," and they came in droves to hear his message.
  • They were afraid, angry, and didn't trust the people in charge of protecting them.


Yahweh Teaches God is Black, Will Lead Followers to Promised Land
  • He told his flock that blacks were the "true Jews," one of the 12 tribes of Israel who were driven from their homeland in Old Testament times, and that God was black, as were the apostles.
  • He said he was the black messiah, Yahweh ben Yahweh, Hebrew for "God son of God," and that he would lead them back to the promised land of Jerusalem to establish their kingdom.
  • He told them that blacks were the true Jews, God's chosen people. He cracked open his dog-eared King James Bible to offer them proof, tapping the Scriptures with his finger. "In Daniel 7:9, God is described as having hair like pure wool," he'd say. "Look at black folks' hair... it also looks like wool! And in Psalm 119:83, God says 'For I am become like a bottle in the smoke... A bottle of smoke is black!"


Yahweh Tells Followers to Join in Communal Living, Reject Society
  • In a typical cult move, Freedberg says Mitchell urged members to cut off family and friends who weren't part of the congregation.
  • There was life before Yahweh, and life after Yahweh.
  • They pooled their money, rented houses together, and home-schooled their children.
  • They rejected white standards of beauty, and the men stopped shaving, and the women stopped using chemical straighteners on their hair.
  • They donned loose white robes that skimmed the floor, just like Mitchell's.
  • They ate a kosher-based diet and didn't drink, smoke or do drugs.
  • They gave up their "slave names" in favor of the common last name "Israel" and chose Biblical first names like Solomon or Gideon or Esther.
  • Mitchell told them that as long as they were of one mind, no one could harm them. Dissent would tear them apart, he warned prophetically, quoting Leviticus: "If you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant, then I will do this to you: I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and drain away your life."

Yahweh worshippers in prayer

Purchase of Warehouse, Renamed "Yahweh Temple of Love"
October 1980
  • They bought a dilapidated warehouse in a black section of Miami called Liberty City where Mitchell told them they'd live until the exodus to Jerusalem.
  • Most members balked at the idea of going "full time" and completely renouncing mainstream America.
  • Ultimately, 30 people sold their homes and cars, quit schools and jobs, and moved into the skid row dwelling.
  • They subdivided it into a miniature village, with spaces for a sanctuary, a cafeteria, a grocery store, laundry, health center, and even an ice-cream parlor.
  • The print shop published Mitchell's propaganda, including a booklet called You Are Not a Nigger! Our True History; The World's Best Kept Secret " and a King James Bible with depictions of black saints.
  • In the living quarters, each family was zoned a 10-by-15 foot cubicle that was separated from the others by an 8-foot partition.
  • The building was huge, spanning a city block. Everyone pitched in to fix it up, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and restoring the plumbing and electricity. 
  • They hung paintings of black Bible characters on the walls - a black Virgin Mary, Noah, Moses, a black Last Supper. Someone painted a futuristic city populated by black folks, complete with flying saucers.
  • "The black Christ is risen among us today to deliver us from white people," the caption said.
  • Some people furnished their cubicle with mementos of their old lives, some just threw a blanket on the bare floor.
  • There was no privacy.



Followers Urged to Shun Modern Medicine and Give Birth at Home
  • They were to shun modern medicine and have their babies at home, like in Bible times, he told them.
  • Mitchell, who had no formal medical training, read the women books on how to home-deliver babies, then had them undress and inspect each others' genitalia.
  • He showed them how to use a douche, demonstrating on a volunteer.
  • He had one woman lie naked on her back and another blow into her vagina, telling them it was how you performed CPR on unborn babies.



Followers Encouraged to "Be Fruitful and Multiply"
  • Couples were forbidden from using birth control, and the son of God wanted his disciples to start having babies as soon as they reached puberty.
  • He wanted his tribe to grow, and now.
  • "Get it, brothers! ...Sisters, give it up!" he exhorted them. ...it's not about fallin' in love, it's about multiplyin.' ...have babies and let's subdue and control the Earth."



Yahweh Provided Male "Sex Ed" Classes and Forced Circumcisions
  • He also held secret sex classes for boys and men.
  • He showed them movies of white women having sex with animals to dissuade them from lusting after white females, and he made them pull down their pants for a "D.I." or dick inspection, Freedberg says.
  • Those who weren't circumcised paid $100 to be circumcised - by Mitchell himself.
  • He presided over group circumcisions in the sanctuary, reassuring them that it would be quick and painless.
  • As he sliced off foreskin, they shrieked with pain, and some passed out.
  • They started murmuring about the strange goings-ons with their wives and girlfriends, and questioning Mitchell's authority.



Yahweh Taught Females "How to Have Sex" as God's Emissary, Led to Rapes, Molestations
  • Over the year, Mitchell became a sexual predator, singling out girls as young as 10 to serve his depraved lust.
  • He told the girls that as God's emissary, it was his job to teach women how to have sex.
  • In exchange for keeping his dirty secret, he showered them with gifts - little girl taffeta dresses, necklaces, and trips to fancy restaurants.
  • One of the girls he abused would later tell investigators that Mitchell, approaching 50, had sex with her and another pubescent girl at the same time.
  • More women came forward to tell of the black savior's abuse at the cult's trial.
  • One married woman testified that Mitchell forced her to have sex with him four days after she delivered a baby, tearing her stitches.
  • One of Mitchell's sisters - who joined the cult and later defected - said he'd raped her and another sister back in Oklahoma and that he'd molested one of his biological daughters.
  • One of the girls he abused was the daughter of Linda, the woman who'd accompanied him to Miami.
  • After enduring the shameful activity for years, the daughter broke down and told her brothers, who already distrusted Mitchell.
  • One of them agreed to wear a bug for the FBI, and provided valuable evidence that helped lead to the cult's take-down.



Founds "Circle of Ten" Men Armed with Clubs and Machetes
  • The Circle of Ten now carrying machetes and clubs and practicing marching drills in front of the temple kept a close watch on people who fell out of Mitchell's favor.



Dissenters Severely Punished and Humiliated
  • No matter how twisted or racist Mitchell's teachings got, no one dared contradict him.
  • He was, after all, the son of God, and the Temple of Love was absolute theocracy.
  • Those who dared defy him were singled out for public ridicule.
  • "Knowest thou not this of old?" he wrote in the stilted English of the King James Bible. "Since man was placed upon earth, that the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment? Though his excellency mount up to the heavens, and his head reach unto the clouds; yet he shall perish forever like his own dung."
  • In one case, a grown man was made to bend over a chair as the women took turns paddling him.
  • In another case, a teenage girl was forced to strip off her shirt and bra as Mitchell whipped her back.
  • Anyone who disagreed with him was called an "Uncle Tom," or worse, a "blasphemer."



Yahweh Threatens that Dissenters Shall Be Beheaded
  • But their betrayal continued to goad him.
  • The deserters were a thorn in his side and he wanted them gone.
  • "Whoever does not want me to rule over them, those are my enemies," he thundered.
  • "And if you are my enemy, you must die. (You) must be killed...I want to see it...I want to see your head come off personally. I want to see the blood seep from your vein, you know that jugular vein. I want to see it." He made a gurgling noise. "you won't be able to see it seep, but you'll feel that sword when it bites your neck. I can't wait to see that. What a pleasure! All my enemies killed with a sword."
  • The Circle of Ten thugs took Mitchell's words to heart, and the Jamaican-born Aston Green was their first victim.

Headless body of Ashton Green


Beheading of Ashton Green
November 13, 1981
  • On Friday the 13th of November 1981, a construction worker drove his truck down a narrow dirt road to a rock pit located on the edge of the Everglades for a routine equipment check.
  • As he parked his vehicle, he noticed a large red blanket spread over the weeds a few feet from the road, an odd sight in the remote area populated by 12-foot alligators, panthers and strangler figs.
  • He got out of his truck and walked toward it.
  • It was late morning, and the glades were quiet but for the occasional whine of a mosquito or the distant splash of an alligator plunging into the murky swamp.
  • The temperature hovered at 70 degrees, a pleasant change from the oppressive heat and humidity of summer.
  • He bent over the blanket and pulled up the fabric.
  • Underneath was a man in jeans and Florida Atlantic University T-shirt.
  • He was missing his head. It took several long seconds for the information to sink in, and the construction worker stared down at the body, transfixed by horror.
  • Blood still seeped from the severed neck into the saw-toothed grass, and he realized the man had been murdered only a short time before.
  • The corpse belonged to Aston Green, 25, a Jamaican-born man who dared to defy a growing cult that would strike terror in the heart of Miami over the next decade.


Yahweh Threatened Followers with Even Grislier Beheadings to Come
  • Mitchell was triumphant when his avenging angels told them what they'd done, according to Freedberg.
  • "When we take the next head, we're going to put the head in a basket on a post so the whole city can see it and fear Yahweh," he told them.


Yayweh's Thugs Murder Carlton Carey and Very Seriously Wound Mildred Banks
  • Mitchell's enforcers were waiting for Carlton Carey, formerly Yakim Israel, when he returned home from an exhausting police interview.
  • His wife, Mildred Banks, was with him when four men wearing ski masks attacked them as soon as they walked through the door of their house.
  • They shot Carey to death, but, miraculously, Banks survived despite being shot in the chest and having her throat slit.
  • The gunman left her for dead and she dragged herself to the house of a neighbor, who alerted the police.
  • Although Banks recovered, changed her name, and relocated to a secret place, the jagged scar necklace would remind her of that hellish night for the rest of her life.


Yahweh Holds Pep Rally Celebration for End of Infidels
  • Back at the Temple, Mitchell held a pep rally to celebrate the death of the infidels.
  • Although some attendees were horrified by the news, they dared not show it.
  • The temple guards were watching the congregation closely, looking for any sign of inconformity.
  • They had no choice but to clap their hands and praise Yahweh with the rest of the horde; they didn't want to be next on Mitchell's hit list.

Entire Congregation Forced to Help Murder New Follower, Leonard Dupree
  • Dupree drew the attention of temple guards for spacing out in class and wandering around by himself.
  • Rumors started making the rounds that Dupree was an assassin, sent to kill the messiah.
  • Mitchell became quite paranoid after the defections and murders, and started censoring mail to and from the temple, fearing infidels lurked among his throng.
  • One afternoon shortly after Dupree's arrival, he got into a fight with another Yahweh as a crowd of 70 onlookers watched.
  • Mitchell was called to the scene.
  • "Do you want to hurt me?" Mitchell asked Dupree.
  • "No," the young man replied. "I just want to kiss your feet."
  • Unmoved, Mitchell accused Dupree of coming to start mayhem as an angry crowd surged around him.
  • When someone yelled, "Kill him!" Mitchell didn't stand in the way.
  • A man wielding a tire iron cracked Dupree's skull, and the crowd continued to beat him after he sunk to the floor.
  • They ripped off his pants and kicked his privates.
  • Someone poked his eye out with a broomstick.
  • Sentries locked the doors so no one could leave, and Mitchell made everyone present - every man, woman and child - hit Dupree as he screamed in agony.
  • They would be bound together by blood. No one's hand would be clean.
  • No one would be able to denounce the murder to the authorities.
  • The flock that kills together, Mitchell reasoned, stays together.
  • After his slow death, a group of men rolled Dupree's body in carpet and dumped it near a canal, whose location they'd later forget.
  • Police were never able to recover Dupree's body.


Nation of Yahweh Develops Highly Successful Businesses
  • Spreading Yahweh's word was expensive, and Mitchell put his economics degree to work to make ends meet.
  • He opened a food-distribution firm, a housing business, and a bottling company that cranked out bottles of Yahweh beer, Yahweh wine and Yahweh soda-drinks the Yahwehs themselves were forbidden from tasting.
  • Everyone contributed to the greater good, Freedberg writes.
  • One member, a former hair dresser, created a line of hair unguents for black folk that was a national success.
  • Others hawked merchandise on the city streets, selling cassettes of Mitchell's sermons, Yahweh key rings, pencils and T-shirts.

Yahweh instructed followers to kill Whites, and return with body parts

Yahweh Urges Murder of Whites
  • The Yahweh ben Yahweh cult was lead by a self-proclaimed black messiah named Hulon Mitchell Jr. who based his religion on a hatred of whites and urged his followers to murder "white devils" and bring him back body parts - a sliced-off ear or finger or head - as proof of the kill.
  • As his flock continued to grow, so did his demands of them, according to court documents.
  • "How many of you would die for Yahweh?" he'd ask as he stood at the pulpit. "Would you kill for Yahweh?"
  • Yes, they'd answer back, they would die for Yahweh. Yes, they would kill for Yahweh.


Nation of Yahweh Forms Secret sub-Organization "The Brotherhood" Assassination Squad
April 1986
  • He formed a secret group called "The Brotherhood," a band of tall, muscular young men available for discrete missions.
  • To become a member of The Brotherhood, applicants had to kill a "white devil" and bring Mitchell a body part - an ear, nose or finger - as proof of the kill.
  • Between April and October 1986, according to court papers, Mitchell's "Death Angels" descended on Miami frequently to kill random white people.
  • Robert Rozier, a former pro football player, was his chief enforcer.Rozier, a muscular 6-foot-4 giant who once played football for the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders.

Robert Rozier Begins Killing Spree
  • On a Saturday night in April 1986, Rozier decided to try out for The Brotherhood.
  • He donned street clothes, slipped a 12-inch Japanese-style knife inside his jacket, and left the warehouse to go hunting for white devils.
  • He ended up in Coconut Grove, a thriving gay neighborhood, and followed groups of people around, looking for someone who was weak or small, impatient to kill.
  • A white man, stumbling down the street as if he were drunk caught his attention and Rozier followed him to his apartment.
  • As the man opened the door, Rozier forced his way inside and stabbed the man in the heart.
  • There was another white man living in the apartment, and he stabbed that man to death as well.
  • He briefly considered chopping off their heads to take to Mitchell, but couldn't figure out how to transport the heads in public without arousing suspicion, so he left.
  • When Rozier showed Mitchell his knife the next day and told him what he did, Mitchell praised him. Next time, he'd remember to bring back a body part.
  • Rozier, who admitted killing seven people, later became the prosecution's star witness.
  • In a cool, detached voice, he told the courtroom how, on another occasion, he and another Death Angel walked the streets of Miami for hours looking for white devils, before coming across a man passed out in a car in a bar parking lot.
  • The two men stabbed the man in the chest repeatedly, then sliced off his ear.
  • When they dropped it in the dark and couldn't find it, they went back and cut off his other ear and brought it to Mitchell.
  • As a reward, Mitchell gave the men the following day free; they went to see the movie Aliens.
  • As more white men, usually homeless or alcoholic drifters, started showing up dead and mutilated on Miami's streets, the police thought the killer was a deranged Vietnam vet.
  • They never suspected the killings had been ordered by one of the city's revered black leaders.


Former Members of Nation of Yahweh Killed
About 1986
  • Two residents who resisted the group's 1986 takeover of a drug-infested apartment complex were allegedly shot.
  • Ex-members turned up dead, and a Delray Beach neighbourhood was bombed after residents and Yahweh's followers clashed during a recruiting campaign there.
  • In 1986, the cult took over the mortgage on an apartment in Opa-locka, a small city northwest of Miami.
  • When they tried to evict the residents, some residents refused to leave.
  • Yahweh's thugs were sent in to forcibly remove the people, and two residents were shot to death.


Bombing of Delray Beach Neighborhood
About 1986
  • Two residents who resisted the group's 1986 takeover of a drug-infested apartment complex were allegedly shot.
  • Ex-members turned up dead, and a Delray Beach neighbourhood was bombed after residents and Yahweh's followers clashed during a recruiting campaign there.


Robert Rozier Arrested
October 31, 1986
  • A witness told police Rozier was the gunman, and he was arrested on Halloween 1986 and charged with murder.
  • At first he refused to cooperate with investigators.
  • He gave his age as 404 and answered all questions with "Praise Yahweh!"
  • But with the evidence mounting against him, he changed his tune and turned state's evidence.
  • In exchange for testifying against the cult, he was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Yahweh's Lawyer


Yahweh beh Yahweh Cleans Up Image of Group, Invites Outsiders to Look
  • As the noose began to tighten on his evil empire, Mitchell scurried to polish the cult's image.
  • He hired a media-savvy lawyer, Ellis Rubin, as an adviser, and held open-houses where community leaders and journalists traipsed through the previously hidden confines of the Temple of Love.
  • The visitors noticed nothing menacing.
  • The enforcers had exchanged their weapons for briefcases. Smiling children sat in clean classrooms, reciting lessons.
  • Smiling Yahweh greeted them warmly as they toured the print shop. The were "one big happy family," Mitchell said.
  • He told his guests that his church was about black empowerment, not murder or hate, and insisted Rozier was acting on his own.


Urban League Gives Prestigious Award to Yahweh ben Yahweh
  • In 1987, Miami Urban League head T. Willard Fair bestowed the Whitney M. Young humanitarian award upon Yahweh.


Mayor of Miami Declares a Yahweh ben Yahweh Day
October 7, 1990
  • He remained respected in many quarters, however, for the group's work cleaning up blighted areas.
  • Miami's mayor declared a Yahweh Ben Yahweh Day in 1990.
  • Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez gave Yahweh his own official holiday: "Yahweh ben Yahweh Day."
  • "Yahweh Ben Yahweh will always be remembered for the many charitable contributions he made . . . as exemplified when he received a key to the city of Miami," Weintraub said in a statement.
  • "Yahweh will be remembered and mourned by the millions of people whom he touched through prayer and teachings."


Yahweh ben Yahweh and Other Members Indicted Days After Declaration of Yahweh ben Yahweh Day
  • Prosecutors said Yahweh also had an inner circle of group members called "The Brotherhood", or "death angels", that had to have killed someone to join the group, and had to bring an item such as a human ear to demonstrate that they had.
  • He was indicted with other Yahweh members in 1990, shortly after the day honouring him.
  • Meanwhile, a federal grand jury was putting the final touches on a 25-page indictment accusing Yahweh and 15 disciples of 14 murders, extortion and running a racketeering enterprise.


Yahweh ben Yahweh Indicted on Murder Charges
  • During his five-month trial in 1992, Yahweh dressed in white robes and a turban and often quoted the Bible.
  • His sister and nephew testified that he ordered men, women and children to join in the beating death of sect members.


Five Month Trial Fails to Convict Yahweh ben Yahweh of Murder
  • The case was finally tried in 1992 at the U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale.
  • The presiding judge, Norman Roetgger, called it the most violent case heard by a federal court.
  • Fearing Mitchell's followers might pull a stunt, the feds secured the streets around the courthouse with SWAT teams.
  • Over the objections of the defendants' lawyers, the jury was shown 30-by-40-inch photos of some of the victims, including Aston Green's torso and severed head, to illustrate the extent of the cult's savagery.
  • Dissenters who had suffered in silence for years finally had their day in court and provided lurid details of the cult's inner workings.
  • One man told the jury how he lost his sense of self after working long hours and not sleeping or eating enough."I saw my own children starving," he testified.
  • "I was beaten. He (Mitchell) had sex with almost every woman in the temple, including my wife."
  • As more than a dozen Judases took the witness stand, Mitchell kept a poker face.
  • Mildred Banks testified with a scarf hiding the scar where his thugs had slit her throat. Robert Rozier, released from prison for the occasion, recounted his six murders for Yahweh in cold detail.
  • He admitted to stabbing a seventh man to death on his own accord, a Cuban panhandler who wouldn't leave him alone.
  • Although witnesses testified at length about the murder of dissidents and "white devils," the prosecution could not prove that Mitchell ordered the deaths.


Yahweh ben Yahweh Released from Prison on Parole
August, 2001
  • In August 2001, Hulon Mitchell Jr., 65, walked out of prison a free man, a mere 10 years after entering it.
  • Soon afterward, hundreds of his followers resurfaced at a conference in Canada, their new "Promised Land."
  • The Yahwehs have also been active recruiting new members online, at Yahwehbenyahweh.com.


Founder Yahweh ben Yahweh Dies of Prostrate Cancer
May 7, 2007