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List of Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide attacks






Base of Operations

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Fathi Shaqaqi founded PIJ in 1970s


PIJ Founded as "Palestinian" Branch of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Started By Fathi Shaqaqi, 1970s

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Sheikh Awda is the spiritual leader for PIJ


Abd Al Aziz Awda

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Israeli Mossad agents shot Shaqaqi outside
the Diplomat Hotel in Malta


Faithi Shaqaqi Assassinated by Israel's Mossad, October 27, 1995
  • He was shot in October 26, 1995 in front of the Diplomat Hotel in Sliema, Malta, by Mossad.
  • Shaqaqi, travelling under the false name of Dr Ibrahim Shaweshi, had come to Malta four times since 1993.
  • He was on his way to Tripoli to visit Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi who was promising to help finance Shaqaqi’s factions.
  • A man walked up to Shaqaqi as he was returning to his hotel and shot him in quick succession with a gun equipped with a silencer and a container to hold the used cartridges.
  • Shaqaqi’s assassins had smuggled a motorcycle into Malta which they used to escape after shooting the Palestinian leader.
  • Abandoning the motorcycle, a third individual drove them to the Msida Marina from where they most probably boarded a fast boat which took them out at sea and eventually to a large ship from where the whole operation was probably directed.

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Sheikh Abdullah Ramadan Shallah was an adjunct university professor at University of South Florida


Sheikh Abdullah Ramadan Shallah Suddenly Leaves his Teaching Post at UNiversity of South Florida, November 1995

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Sheikh Abdullah Ramadan Shallah


Sheikh Abdullah Ramadan Shallah Assumes Leadership of PIJ November 27, 1995

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Tel Aviv's Largest Shopping Mall, Dizengoff


Bombing of Dizengoff Shopping Mall March 4, 1996
  • The Dizengoff Center suicide bombing was a terrorist attack on March 4, 1996, on the holiday of Purim.
  • It was the fourth suicide bombing in Israel in the span of nine days.
  • A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside Dizengoff Center in downtown Tel Aviv, Israel, killing 14 Israelis and wounding 130, including children in costume in honor of the holiday.
  • Hamas and Islamic Jihad both claimed responsibility for the bombing.
  • The blast went off just after 4 p.m. outside Dizengoff Center, the largest shopping mall in Tel Aviv.
  • Before detonating the bomb, the bomber had tried to enter the shopping center but when policemen stationed at the entrance appeared suspicious, he turned toward a group of people near a row of cash machines and set off the explosive device, which was strapped to his body.

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Dr. al-Arian arrested in South Florida


Dr. Sami al-Arian, Professor at University of South Florida, Arrested as North American Leader of PIJ February 20, 2003
  • On February 20, 2003, University of South Florida computer engineering professor Dr. Sami Al-Arian was arrested after being indicted on 50 terrorism related charges.
  • US Attorney General John Ashcroft alleged at a press conference that Dr. Al-Arian is the North American head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
  • On December 6, 2005, Al-Arian was acquitted on 8 of the 17 charges against him and the jury deadlocked on the rest 10-2.
  • Then on March 2, 2006, Al-Arian entered a guilty plea to a charge of conspiracy to help members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in nonviolent activities, unrelated to the PIJ.
  • Al-Arian was sentenced to 57 months less time (about 38 months) served, and will be deported upon completion of the remainder of the sentence.

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PIJ and Hamas joined forces for the Park Hotel bombing


Park Hotel suicide bombing October 4, 2003
  • The Passover massacre (also known as the Netanya bombing) was a suicide bombing carried out by Hamas at the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel on March 27, 2002, during a Passover seder.
  • Thirty Israeli civilians were killed in the attack and 140 were injured.
  • The attack occurred on the night of March 27, when the Jewish holiday of Passover fell that year.
  • The Park Hotel in Netanya held a large Passover seder (festive religious meal) for its 250 guests, especially elderly Jews who didn't have family and relatives, in the ground-floor dining room.
  • A Palestinian suicide bomber passed a security guard at the hotel's entrance, walked through the lobby passing the reception desk and entered the hotel's dining room where he detonated an explosive device he carried in a suitcase.
  • Twenty-eight people were immediately killed, and about 140 were injured, of whom 20 were seriously injured.
  • Two of the injured later died from their wounds.
  • Some of the victims were Holocaust survivors.
  • Most of the victims were senior citizens (70 and over).
  • The oldest victim was 90 and the youngest was 20 years old.
  • A number of married couples were killed, as well as a father together with his daughter.
  • One of the victims was a Jewish tourist from Sweden who was visiting Israel for Passover.

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Hanadi Jaradat, 28-year old law student detonated
her explosives belt, killing 21


Maxim restaurant suicide bombing March 27, 2002

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Ayman al-Fayed led the al-Quds Brigades,
the armed branch of the PIJ


PIJ Commander Ayman al-Fayed Killed by Israeli Missile Strike February 16, 2008
  • Ayman al-Fayed was a Palestinian commander of al-Quds Brigades, the armed branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
  • He operated primarily in the Bureij Palestinian refugee camp.
  • According to Islamic Jihad, Al-Fayed was killed when an Israeli missile struck his home in the Bureij Palestinian refugee camp near Gaza on February 15, 2008.
  • A military spokeswoman in Tel Aviv said that Israeli forces had no involvement in the incident.
  • Two of his children and his wife were also killed in the blast.