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Elohim City


CSA Compound Weaponry
  • Inside his house,Ellison was said to have hidden thirty to forty pounds of C-4 plastic explosives and a .90-caliberautomatic weapon.
  • Also hidden on the property were another two-hundred pounds of C-4 and C-3 explosives, hundreds of assault rifles, unlimited quantities of ammunition, infrared night-vision devices, various types of hand grenades, four anti-aircraft weapons, and a military rocketlauncher with a C-4 hand grenade in place and ready to fire–a weapon capable of destroying anarmored personnel carrier.
  • Claymore mines surrounded the camp, sources said, and the trees were rigged with trip wires and booby traps.


CSA Spiritual Council of Elders
  • Ellison, Noble, and the entire Council of Elders at CSA were deeply influenced and mentored by many outside sources.
  • It was this nine man council that deliberated on the spiritual meaning and direction of CSA activities.


CSA Ideology
  • The CSA professed that the United States government would dissolve from its own corruption, whereas the Christian Identitiy organization "The Order" advocated revolution.
  • This fundamental distinction led to a split, and CSA's military leader, Randall Rader, joined The Order.


CSA Founded by James Ellison and Kerry Noble from Federal Prison Cell
  • The founder of the CSA was polygamist James Ellison, who was jailed for a period of time along with his 'high priest' Kerry Noble in federal prison.

Robert G. Millar

Robert G. Millar, Founder of Elohim City, was Mentor to Ellison
  • Robert G. Millar became one of llison's spiritual advisers, and was also the founder of Elohim City.


Elohim City Founded by Robert Millar
  • Elohim City is a private community in Adair County, Oklahoma founded by Robert G. Millar in 1973.
  • Millar, a Canadian immigrant and charismatic religious leader, moved his followers to the site from their former location in Ellicott City, Maryland known as "The Camp", it was located on Route 144 about one mile (1.6 km) west from the intersection of Route 29 (35°35'47.00"N 94°30'42.00"W) in Howard County, at the former location of a Catholic Abbey.
  • "The Camp" was rural in the early 1970s and has since been developed into a suburban housing community.
  • Millar moved the community from The Camp to Oklahoma in 1973, after previously having established a church in Oklahoma during the 1950s.
  • Its 400 acres (1.6 km2) are known to be frequented by Christian Identity followers.


Aryan Nations and Mountain Church Also Mentored CSA
  • Ellison was also mentored by Richard Girnt Butler of the Aryan Nations and Robert Miles, founder of The Mountain Church in Cohoctah, Michigan.
  • Both extreme right leaders taught and practiced the theology of Christian Identity, a religion which the FBI still has on its watch list as an 'extremist religion'.
  • Miles had a very active prison ministry and newsletter, relating mostly to the violent white Aryan groups, of which there are many, most notably, the Aryan Brotherhood.


KKK Were Close Mentors to CSA
  • Ellison had very close ties to the Ku Klux Klan and the Northern Idaho group, Aryan Nations, in Hayden, Idaho, led by Richard Butler, who was described as "the glue of the Aryan Nations movement in the Northwest, if not the country" by the supervisor of the Inland Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force.


Mountain Church's Founder Robert Miles Moved to Elohim City, Marries Granddaughter of Millar
  • After Ellison was released from prison, he moved to Elohim City, where he married Millar's granddaughter.


Farmland for CSA Compound Purchased Near Bull Shoals Lake in Marion County from Campus Crusade for Christ (Some Reports Say Land was from Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
  • In 1976, Ellison purchased a 220-acre farm near Bull Shoals Lake in Marion County, Arkansas (approximately seven miles southwest of Pontiac, Missouri), in order to establish a CSA compound known as Zarephath-Horeb.
  • This isolated portion of the state was suitable for Ellison’s intentions because it is demographically concentrated with a predominantly white population, is secluded in rural terrain that makes monitoring by law enforcement agencies difficult, and is positioned on the border between two states, complicating jurisdictional responsibilities.
  • In 1976, the founder of the group bought a secluded 220 acre farm from the Campus Crusade For Christ, located on the Missouri-Arkansas border, approximately seven miles southwest of Pontiac, Missouri.
  • The layout of the land provided a natural parceling into three settlements. On the “maincompound,” Ellison and his followers constructed primitive housing, barns, sheds, a machineshop, and a large stone building–called the Sanctuary–which served as a combination church-school.Also on the main compound was a saw mill and a salvage business that generated modestrevenues for the community. Adjacent to the lake was the “plateau compound” and further inlandwas the “valley compound.” In these areas, the commune’s men, women, and children worked alarge garden providing an abundance of fresh vegetables. Cows, goats, hogs, sheep, chickens, andhorses grazed nearby. Ellison christened his idyllic setting Zarepath-Horeb.


Ellison has Vision of Coming Apocalypse
  • Then, in early 1978, Ellison claimed to have a vision of a coming apocalypse.
  • In sermons he began to prophesy that the end of the world would come on August 12, 1978–the ninth of Abon the Jewish calender, when Jews celebrate the destruction of both the First and Second Temples.
  • Following the Tribulation–fires, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes–criminal gangswould spill out of American cities into the countryside like a swarm of locusts, plundering,raping, and killing.
  • “It will get so bad,” Ellison warned, “that parents will eat theirchildren...Maggot infested bodies will lie everywhere.”
  • Christians would be unable to defendthemselves against this cataclysm and millions would die.
  • To defend themselves against thecatastrophe, the residents of Zarapeth-Horeb were required to study paramilitary tactics.


CSA Compound Develops into Guerrila Terrorist Training Camp
  • By 1978, Ellison had transformed his farm into a guerrilla training camp, complete with firing ranges, stockpiles of supplies, and accommodations for hundreds of followers.


Rader Begins Taking the Group in a More Militaristic Direction, Wearing Nazi Uniform
  • In his memoir, Tabernacle of Hate, fellow CSA elder Kerry Noble recalls that “Randall turned into a dictator, wanting to rule by fear andintimidation...Suddenly he was wearing a Nazi-like uniform, often carrying a German bullwhip and even wearing a monocle.”
  • Angry with Ellison’s failed prophecy about the apocalypse, Rader took matters into his own hands.
  • His first step was to convert the group’s legal semi-automatic weapons into illegal automatics–essentially machine guns.
  • They were issued camouflage uniforms with the CSA logo on shoulder patches, along with red berets and combatboots. Every man was given a pistol and rifle.
  • Concrete-enforced bunkers, hedgehogs, pillboxes, razor wire fences, a communications center, and a military storage unit were added to the main compound.
  • Tunnels were dug between the houses and the bunkers.
  • Shooting portals were built into the Sanctuary.
  • A sixty-five foot radio tower went up. Next to the creek across from thevalley compound, Rader constructed a firing range. Lookouts and foot patrols were posted throughout the area.
  • Klansmen appeared at the commune and the CSA began a mail-order servicefor such hard-to-find neo-Nazi hate literature as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The Negro and the World Crisis, and The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler.


Ellison Instructs Members to Reject Secularism, Destroyed Remnants of Outside World
  • He also insisted that they donate their individual salaries for the logging and salvage work to the Body, and burn any remaining vestiges of their pre-Identity lives, including keepsakes and high school yearbooks.
  • They destroyed their radios, televisions, and anyother reminders of the outside world.
  • Yet the greatest change came in the build up of paramilitary forces.
  • Ellison instructed the men to shave their beards and cut their hair short.


Ellison Directs Rader to Burn Sister's Home for Insurance Money
April 18, 1980
  • The CSA’s first felony took place on April 18, 1980, when Ellison directed Rader to help Ellison’s sister, Jean Troxell, with an insurance scam by burning down her house located near the CSA property.
  • With several others, including Ellison’s teenaged son, Rader assisted in the arsonwhich resulted in an $11,000 settlement.


CSA Begins Publishing the CSA Journal
  • To advertise the group’s elite training and spread the news about its Identity ministry, in 1980 Ellison began publishing a monthly newsletter called the C.S.A. Journal.


Ellison Reports Ideology to Bring on Race War
  • During this period, Ellison explained the CSA mission as establishing an “Ark for God’s people” for the coming race war.
  • Ellison viewed “God’s people” as white Christians.


Guerilla Warfare-Terrorist Training Available to Other White Supremacist Groups
  • But Rader’s pride and joy was a paramilitary training school he built next to the firing range called Silhouette City.
  • Modeled after the FBI’s shooting range at Quantico, Virginia, Silhouette City was designed to resemble an urban intersection, complete with buildings arranged along four streets, abandoned automobiles, and silhouettes of a state trooper wearing a Star of David and the Israeli leaders Menachem Begin and Golda Meir.
  • Trainees were drilled in “Christian martial arts,” rifle and pistol marksmanship, and wilderness survival.
  • Specialized instruction involved capturing buildings, repelling facades, and planting bombs, all of which was spelled out in Rader’s Christian Army Basic Training Manual (which remains to this day themost comprehensive guide to guerilla operations ever printed in the United States).
  • The school charged a $500 tuition and it was a resounding success.
  • By early 1982, Silhouette City was known throughout the racist right, as applications poured in from white activists across the nation.


CSA Publishes 15 Point "Declaration of Non-Surrender"


Ellison Receives Vision, "Sinless, Invincible, and Reincarnation of Biblical King David"
  • In his most recent vision, Ellison received word that he was sinless and invincible.
  • He was nothing less than the reincarnation of the biblical King David.
  • This led Ellison to proclaim in 1982 that he was “King James of the Ozarks.”


Ellison Says God Wants Them to Prepare for War with Urban Infidels
  • Ellison said that God had warned him that war was still approaching, and that he must prepare to defend his congregation against the onslaught of urban infidels.


Ellison Declares Stealing from non-Identity Believers Acceptable
  • In order finance the resources necessary to defend against that invasion, Ellison preached that it was proper to steal from non-Identity believers, a concept he termed “plundering the Egyptians.”


Ellison Declares Polygamy Acceptable
  • Ollie Ellison had done much to fulfill these obligations. By 1982, she had provided her husband with hearth and home by bearing him six children.
  • But Ollie could not go along with the program inspired by Ellison’s prophesy on polygamy.
  • Instead, she became despondent over Ellison’s decision to take a twenty-nine-year-old minister’s daughter from Minnesota, named Annie, as his second wife.


Rader Begins Plotting the Bombing of a North Arkansas Dam
  • That suited Rader just fine.
  • In early 1982, he made plans to bomb a dam that controlled the water supply for a three-county area of northern Arkansas.


Ellison and Rader Acquire 30 Gallons of Cyanide from KKK
  • Around the same time, while attending a survivalist seminar in Detroit, Rader and Ellison took possession of a thirty-gallon barrel of cyanide from Pastor Robert Miles, a Michigan Klan leader.
  • “The purpose of thecyanide,” Nobel confessed, “was so that in the future, when the judgement time had arrived, we could dump the cyanide into the water supply systems of major cities, condemning hundreds of thousands of people to death for their sins.”


Rader's 13 Month Old Daughter Drowns, He Leaves CSA
Late 1982
  • That included Randall Rader, who had been gone since late 1982.
  • It was then that Raderwas ostracized by the CSA following the tragic death of his thirteen-month-old daughter, who drowned in a basement full of water at the main compound while Rader was supposed to bewatching her.
  • Rader drifted aimlessly until he was invited to Idaho to run paramilitary training operations for the Order.
  • “After Rader left,” write Flynn and Gerhardt, “CSA went over the edge.”


Aryan Nation Conference Leads to Violent Campaign by CSA
July 1983
  • In July 1983, Ellison was invited to give the closing address before the Aryan World Congress.
  • The event, scurrilously billed as the “Annual Summer Conference and Nigger Shoot,”was hosted by American neo-Nazi Identity preacher Richard Butler at his rural compound near Hayden Lake, Idaho.
  • In his speech, Ellison announced that the FBI’s recent killing in southern Arkansas of tax protestor Gordon Kahl was a call to arms.
  • Kahl was a member of yet another paramilitary group–the Posse Comitatus–with a sense of living in apocalyptic time. “Kahl wasthe catalyst,” Ellison said later, “that made everyone come forth and change the [various neo-Nazi] organizations from thinkers to doers.”

wpe40.jpg (3776 bytes)
William Pierce


Ellison Discusses Violent Overthrow of Government with Louis Beam et al
  • That process began with a series of late-night meetings in which Ellison, Butler, Miles, Louis Beam (“ambassador-at-large” for the Aryan Nations), and other Identity leaders discussedhow to overthrow the United States Government and create a separate Aryan homeland in the Northwest.
  • These discussions centered on William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, an extremistnovel that envisions the Government’s overthrow by a white-supremacist guerrilla force knownas The Order.
  • In the book, the group systematically kills Jews and blacks, and then wages war against the U.S. Government through the bombing of FBI headquarters in Washington. From these discussions emerged a sort of specialization within the radical right.


Arson of Springfield, Missouri Church
August 9, 1983
  • On August 9, 1983, Ellison drove CSA elder Bill Thomas to Springfield, Missouri.
  • As Ellison waited in the car under the cover of night, Thomas approached the Metropolitan Community Church, which openly supported gay rights, carrying a gallon of gasoline.
  • Thomas shoved the gas can into the mail slot of the front door and lighted it.
  • Yet the attack was an abject failure: Beyond charring the door, no major damage was done.


Plotted Bank Robberies in Bloomington, Indiana
August 15, 1983
  • Six days later, Ellison and Thomas drove to Bloomington, Indiana, where they cased banks for a robbery.


Firebombing of Indiana Synagogue
August 15, 1983
  • Six days later, Ellison and Thomas drove to Bloomington, Indiana, where they cased banks for a robbery.
  • Unable to locate a suitable target, they fire bombed the Beth Shalom synagogue.
  • The small explosion destroyed an old Torah and burned a curtain.
  • Beyond that, therewas no major damage.


Natural Gas Pipeline Bombing Fails
November 2, 1983
  • In 1983, CSA member William Thomas accompanying Richard Wayne Snell and Steven Scott attempted to dynamite a natural gas pipeline, without success.
  • The pipeline supplied natural gas to Chicago
  • CSA member Stephen Scott pleaded guilty in an Arkansas Federal court to charges he dynamited a natural gas pipeline near Fulton, Arkansas in 1983.
  • Richard Snell made his debut as an Aryan warrior on November 2 when he, Thomas, and CSA member Steve Scott strapped twenty-three sticks of dynamite to a natural gas pipeline where it crossed the Red River between Mena and Texarkana, Arkansas.
  • Snell and his confederates believed that the pipeline was the major feeder from the gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico to the metropolitan arteries of Chicago, with its vast African American and Latino populations.
  • “It was winter [sic],” Noble remembered. “We thought people would freeze, that they might start riots.”
  • The dynamite dented the pipe but failed to rupture it.
  • Once more, the CSA had failed to kick off its holy war.


Richard Snell Plots to Blow Up the OKC Federal Building, Detonated by Timothy McVeigh 12 Years Later
October 1983
  • Twelve years before his death, Snell himself had schemed to blow up the very same building.
  • Around this time, Snell took a step toward avenging his personal hatred of the federal government.
  • Consistent with The Turner Diaries, this plot called for mass murder.
  • According to court documents, in October 1983, Snell came to Ellison and asked him if “in his opinion wouldit be practical to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City, or possibly a federal building in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas.”
  • This discussion evolved into a plan to park a vehicle in front of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, and blow it up with rockets detonated by a timer.
  • Snell, Ellison, and Scott subsequently traveled to Oklahoma City where, posing as maintenance workers in brown uniforms, they entered the Murrah Federal Building and assessed what it would take to destroy it.
  • Ellison carried a notepad on which he made sketches showing where the building was most vulnerable to collapse from the explosion of rocket launchers that were to be placed in a van.
  • Ellison said: “[The van] could be driven up to a given spot, parked there, and atimed detonating device could be triggered so that the driver could walk away and leave thevehicle in a position and he would have time to clear the area before the rockets launched.”


CSA Begins Massive Crimewave: "Plundering the Egyptians"
  • By this time, with most of the hard-working timber and salvage workers gone from the CSA, money had become a serious problem for Ellison.
  • So he ordered his men to step up theirefforts to plunder the Egyptians.
  • Small groups were dispatched to nearby towns on shoplifting sprees, concentrating on CB radios, car stereos, portable TVs, and jewelry.
  • (Several vehicles were also stolen and driven to the CSA.)
  • Members would later return this stolen merchandise for cash.
  • Ellison himself participated in the crime spree, but he was not much of a criminal.
  • On one trip to Forth Smith, Arkansas, Ellison was caught shoplifting at a grocery store; the manager simply threw Ellison out without calling the police.
  • Some CSA members planned to rob a pawnshop in Springfield, Missouri, but the robbery never took place.
  • Others planned a jewelry heist in Las Vegas, but it was canceled, too.


Murder of Jewish Gun Store Owner
November 11, 1983
  • On November 11, Snell and Thomas robbed a pawnshop in Texarkana.
  • During theholdup, Snell put a Ruger .22-caliber semi-automatic pistol to the head of the proprietor, William Strumpp, assuming him to be Jewish (he was not), and fired three times, killing him.
  • After stealing guns, jewelry, and several thousand dollars in cash, Snell reported back to Ellison and proclaimed that Strumpp was “an evil man, he was a Jew, and he just needed to die.”
  • Later that evening, overcome with guilt, Bill Thomas fled the CSA commune.


Assassination of Judge, FBI Agent, and Attorney Fails Because of Snow Storm
December 26, 1983
  • In December, 68-year-old William Wade approached Ellison with a plan that also came from the pages of The Turner Diaries.
  • Wade owned the land where Gordon Kahl had been killed by federal agents ayear earlier.
  • Still bitter over the affair, Wade solicited the CSA’s help in assassinating the judge,U.S. attorney, and federal agent who were involved in the prosecution of those who had harbored Kahl.
  • Accordingly, on December 26, Richard Snell along with CSA members Ivan Wade, Lambert Miller, and David McGuire set out for Fort Smith to kill FBI special agent Jack Knox,U.S. District Judge H. Franklin Waters, and U.S. Attorney Asa Hutchinson.
  • But a snow stormprevented the group from reaching Fort Smith, and the assassinations never occurred.


Failed Bombing of Adult Bookstore, Failed Shooting at "Homosexual Park" and Failed Church Bombing
Late 1983 or Early 1984
  • Shortly thereafter Noble began pleading with Ellison to abandon violence and return to spiritual matters.
  • After Ellison accused his top lieutenant of being a traitor, Noble made a desperate bid to prove his loyalty.
  • He traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, with a briefcase full of C-4, dynamite, and a .22 pistol with a silencer on it.
  • Noble had been given orders to blow up anadult bookstore and then go on a shooting rampage at a “queer park.”
  • When the bookstore owner wouldn’t let him in with his briefcase, Noble decided to bomb a church that ministered to homosexuals.
  • When it came time to set the switch, however, Noble picked up his briefcase andwalked away.


Ellison Releases the "War of '84" Declaration
  • In a four-page declaration, entitled the “War of ‘84,” Ellison avowed, “It is inevitable that war iscoming to the United States of America...It is predestined!”
  • He implored his warriors “to attack the enemy at every opportunity.”
  • For Ellison, this was judgement day, the beginning of the greatapocalyptic battle itself.


Ellison Orders Rocket Strikes Against OKC Building, Fail in Preparation
  • After casing the Murrah Building, Ellison designed a remote-controlled bomb and asked Kent Yates to put it together for him.
  • In early December 1983, Yates began preparing andtesting rockets for the attack.
  • In one of his first test runs, however, a rocket blew up in Yates’ hands, burning them severely.
  • Unable to handle anything, let alone a rocket, Yates’ tenure as the CSA’s munitions expert came to an end.
  • And with it came an end to the CSA’s plan to bomb the Murrah Building.
  • For now at least. Yates’s accident “was interpreted as a sign from God,” Noble warned, “that another plan was to be implemented [at a later date].”


Murder of Police Officer
June 30, 1984
  • In 1984, CSA member Richard W. Snell was stopped near De Queen (Sevier County) by Trooper Louis Bryant of the Arkansas State Police, an African-American police officer.
  • During the traffic stop, Snell fatally shot Bryant and eventually was charged with capital murder and sent to prison.


CSA's Armorer, Kent Yates, Arrested on Weapons Charges
July 13, 1984
  • CSA armorer, Kent Yates, who himself was arrested on Friday the 13th of July in 1984, on an outstanding warrant out of New Mexico for firearms violations in Farmington.
  • He was later also charged and convicted of weapons manufacture and modification for the CSA.


CSA Cyanide Plot
  • The CSA intended to use the potassium cyanide to poison the water supply of several large cities in order to expedite the coming of the second Messiah.
  • Agents also found thirty gallons of cyanide which the CSA planned to unload into the water supply of Washington, D.C.


FBI Gets Tip Several Wanted Members of The Order Hiding Out at CSA Compound
March 1985
  • In March 1985, the FBI received a tip that Order member Randy Evans, along with several other members of the group (Thomas Bentley, James Wallington, and Jefferson Butler) had moved into the CSA encampment to avoid arrests on outstanding warrants out of Washington, Idaho, and Colorado.
  • Also with them was Sue West (aka Jean Carrigan), wife ofone Walter West, who had been killed by the Order a year earlier.
  • On March 19, Oklahoma statepolice found Sue West’s body under a bridge on the Turner Turnpike.
  • Her throat had been slitwith a 9-inch knife.
  • Over the next month, Buford’s intelligence would lead the FBI to believethat the homicide was committed by an obscure CSA figure named James Rolston.


Elison Devises Escape Plan, If Needed, from CSA Compound
  • Back at the compound, Ellison bleached his black hair white to disguise his identity and designed an escape plan from Bull Shoals Lake.
  • This plan involved a steel-plated armored personnel carrier that had been constructed on the chassis of a four-wheel drive truck.
  • Mounted on top was an English-made anti-aircraft machine gun.


FBI and ATF Surround the CSA Compound
April 20, 1985
  • The ATF positioned around 300 federal agents in Elijah, having them pose as fisherman because the area was a common destination for anglers.
  • On the morning of April 20, 1985, they moved in and surrounded the CSA compound, putting some in fishing boats to seal off the lakeside area of the Compound.
  • There they waited, until a few hours later when two guards emerged from the compound.
  • They appeared to be unaware of the presence of the officers, and walked towards a sniper hold-out, until finally an officer yelled commands to return to the compound, with which the guards complied.


Some CSA Try to Provoke a Violent Confrontation
  • Early in the day, Randy Evans tried to marshal the CSA forces into ashoot out with the FBI because it was Adolf Hitler’s birthday.
  • Ellison stifled this Aryan bravadoby punching Evans in the eye, knocking him down and shutting him up.


FBI Assures CSA the Compound is Surrounded, and Peaceful Settlement Desired
  • Later, an unnamed individual emerged from the compound and talked with the federal agents and reported to Ellison that the FBI were outside to negotiate his surrender and the emptying of the Compound. Ellison emerged later.
  • FBI agents had expected he would not go down without a firefight, but the FBI negotiators convinced him that the CSA would certainly lose if they had one.


CSA Spiritual Advisor, Probably Millar, Flown In, Involved in Negotiations
  • They convinced him that they wanted peaceful cooperation, and he asked that his spiritual adviser, assumed to be Millar, come to the compound to instruct him.
  • The individual was flown to the area and seemed eager to convince Ellison to stand down, understanding that otherwise there would be certain bloodshed.
  • They allowed the individual into the compound, and the FBI instructed him to call in every 30 minutes to report how negotiations were going.


Attorney Asa Hutchinson Helps Negotiate on Behalf of US Government
  • Attorney Asa Hutchinson put on an FBI flak jacket and entered the compound to personally join negotiations, ultimately leading to a peaceful conclusion to the armed stand-off.


Women and Children Peacefully Evacuated
  • Women and children were earlier evacuated to nearby motel housing at government expense.


Day Four: CSA Men Surrender to FBI
April 23, 1985
  • After several calls requesting more time, early on the morning of the 4th day of the siege, Ellison, his command, and all of the males in the compound emerged, and surrendered themselves to authorities


CSA Leaders Sentenced to Prison
  • U.S. Attorney Asa Hutchinson charged Ellison and most of his leadership with illegal weapon possession, Ellison faced the maximum 20 years prison sentence having been convicted on RICO statutes. (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.)
  • In September 1985, CSA leaders James Ellison and Kerry Noble and four other CSA activists - Gary Stone, Timothy Russell, Rudy Loewen and David Giles - were sentenced to lengthy Federal prison terms on racketeering and illegal weapons charges.


Ellison Agrees to Testify Against Aryan Nation, Leading to His Release in 1987
  • However, Ellison was released in 1987 in a deal where he testified against the leader and six senior members of the Aryan Nations, the parent organization for the prison group Aryan Brotherhood, rumored to have been strengthened by Robert Miles during his time in federal prison.
  • (Most certainly all of the Aryan groups were embraced by Miles' prison ministry newsletters, published at The Mountain Church in Cohoctaw, Michigan.)
  • All seven men were arrested and indicted on charges of sedition.
  • The jury found all the defendants not guilty on all charges saying that they 'did not find the federal witness credible'.


Ellison Released from Federal Prison, Moves Back to Elohim City
  • Upon his release from federal prison, he moved to Elohim City.


Richard Wayne Snell Executed, Same Day Timothy McVeigh Detonates the Oklahoma City Bomb
April 19, 1995
  • Richard Wayne Snell, the man who shot and killed both the police officer and a pawn shop owner, was sentenced to death by lethal injection, carried out on 19 April 1995.
  • In his last words before being executed Snell addressed then-Governor Jim Guy Tucker:"Governor Tucker, look over your shoulder; justice is coming. I wouldn't trade places with you or any of your cronies. Hell has victories. I am at peace."
  • Snell has been reported to have predicted that there would be a bombing on his execution date.
  • Snell was “smiling and chuckling and nodding” on his last day as he watched coverage of the bombing.
  • After Snell's execution, his body was brought back to Elohim City for burial.