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“You have to be lucky everyday – We only have to be lucky once” - IRA Bomber




Bloody Friday: 22 Bombs Detonate
14 Killed, 29 Injured
January 30, 1972
  • Civil rights march ended in British Army shooting 13 men in controversial circumstances during a march in Londonderry/Derry/Stroke City. “Bloody Sunday”.


Split from Main Leadership
  • Came into existence in the mid-1980s when they split from the mainstream republican movement
  • Did not come to popularity until 1996 when they reacted to the Provisional IRA cease-fire.


Killyhevlin Hotel Bombing in Enniskillen
July 1996
  • In July of 1996, it planted a 1,200lb bomb at the Killyhevlin Hotel in Enniskillen, destroying the building only minutes after it had been evacuated.


Belfast "Good Friday" Peace Agreement Signed
April 10, 1998