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All others we monitor."


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  • Breakdown of community and civic responsibility
  • Breakdown of the family, more than half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, while the abandonment of the elderly by their families
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • High incidence of drug addiction
  • Exploitation of others and of the world's limited resources
  • Strategic backing of often oppressive regimes

Christians Perceptions of Muslims
  • All Muslims are terrorists
  • Islam is morally bankrupt
  • Muslims are sinister and dangerous
  • Muslims are all Arabs
  • Many Muslims are rich oil sheikhs
  • Muslims cannot be reached with the Gospel

Militant Hindus
  • Enemy is: Communists, Foreign Powers, Other Religions (especially Muslims and Christians), Westernized Indians

Muslim Perceptions of Christians
  • Christians are permissive. Drugs, sex, pornography, and alcohol are widely used and practiced by Christians
  • America is a decadent colonial power that practices economic control
  • America is a blind supporter of Israel against her Arab Muslim neighbors
  • Western (Christian) women are out of control, as evidenced by the way they dress
  • Westerners don't value life, as seen as their support of abortion and euthanasia
  • Families in the West are broken up and fragmented by divorce and children who lack respect for parents
  • America is irreligious, as seen in the absence of public prayer
  • Worship Hollywood idols and money instead of God

  • US military and civilian presence in Saudi Arabia
  • US military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and its military presence in other Muslim countries
  • Ability of Washington to push Muslim oil producers to keep oil prices at a level acceptable to Western consumers
  • Torture of Muslims in Abu Grahib prison and Guantanamo Bay
  • Occupation of Iraq
  • Unquestioning support for Israel
  • US support for regimes that are suppressing Muslims, including Russia in Chechnya, India in Kashmir, and China in Western China
  • Unqualified US political, economic. and military support for Israel
  • Decades old support for apostate and tyrannical governments across the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, and others

US Perceived Gripes of Salafis
  • Elections and primaries held in US
  • Freedoms and Liberties
  • Hated of Jews for anti-Semitic reasons
  • Women are in positions of power in US