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"In God we trust.
All others we monitor."

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To paraphrase Dr. Ganor: "Counter-terrorist forces can win the battle but loose the war, if citizens are afraid to use public transportation or to go to crowded places." Counterterrorism is a matter of managing risks, not confronting certainties. Counterterrorist planners should think of possible futures of international terrorism, not any single future. [Paul Pillar, Terrorism & US Foreign Policy, p. 232]

A war is really about technical attrition and we're not talking about an enemy on the battlefield, with physical assets that can be destroyed. We're talking about waging a more complex struggle that would be better termed a global counterinsurgency. All students of counterinsurgency know Gerald Templer's famous dictum that fighting these types of conflicts (insurgency and terrorism) is about 75% political (political economic development, political reforms, information operations) and only about 25% military. (Bruce Hoffman, Davos Forum, 2005)

  • Censorship (Media)
  • Censorship (Spoken Word)
  • Diplomatic
  • Disruption
  • Financial
  • Influence
  • Personnel

  • Financial Controls
  • Intelligence and Covert Action
  • Military Force

  • Beslan School Massacre
  • Black September
  • Branch Davidian Standoff
  • Carlos the Jackal Rendition
  • CIA Headquarters Shooting Rendition
  • Eric Rudolph
  • Fort Dix Plot
  • Grand Mosque Seizure
  • Gun Powder Plot
  • Harpers Ferry Raid
  • Iran Contra Affair
  • Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis
  • Khalid Sheikh Muhammad Rendition
  • Operation Eagle Claw
  • Operation Entebbe
  • Operation Opera/Babylon
  • Operation Infinite Reach
  • Operation Smokescreen
  • Oplan Bojinka
  • Spring of Youth
  • Taliband
  • Unabomber Attacks
  • USS Cole Retaliation
  • Vienna OPEC Ministers Hostage Crisis
  • World Trade Center Bombing - 1993
  • Wrath of God
  • Yu Kikumara


Skills of Counterterrorism Agents
  • Parachuting into a location
  • Rappelling down the side of a building
  • Shaping a directional explosive charge

  • Politics and Governance
  • Economic and Social
  • Psychological-Communicational-Educational
  • Military
  • Judicial and Legal
  • Police and Prison System
  • Intelligence and Secret Services