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Abu Hamid al-Ghazali
  • Born in 1058, in Khorassan province of Persia
  • Named chief Professor, Scholarship Impressed Vizier, 1091
  • Accomplished Debater, Lecturer
  • 1095, Underwent a Spiritual Crisis
  • Al-Ghazali Opposed the Humanist Geniuses of Ibn Sina, et al
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  • Al-Ghazali Argued World is Irrational, Humans Cannot Shape the World
  • In Destruction of the Philosophers (Incoherence of the Philosophers), al-Ghazali Argues Allah is a Remote, Arbitrary Master, Inaccessible
  • Al-Ghazali Scorns the Learned, Praises the Ignorant


ibn Taymiyya
  • Government "Of The People" By The People Is Supreme Heresy
  • "Human Rule" Is The Suspension Of "God's Ruling"
  • Taymiyya's Ideas Born On Battlefield Against Mongol Invaders, Not Egyptian Prisons
  • Taymiyya: Legitimate To Kill Other Muslims
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  • Taymiyya argued the only legitimate authority is Islam. Anything else is jahili.
  • Taymiyya challenged legitimacy of Mongol invaders who had converted to Islam
  • Taymiyya argued rulers neglecting or transgressing Islamic law or portions thereof are enemies who can be legitimately killed on the battlefield.


Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab


Muhammad ibn Saud


Jamal al-Din al-Afghani
  • Emphasizes Muslim Supremacy And Muslim Dominance
  • Muslims Have Forgotten The Principle Of Dominance (Over Others)
  • Stresses Muslim Unity To Ward Off The Western Corruptions


Muhammad Abduh
  • Argues Reason And Revelation Are Divine Creations, So To Rely Only On Reason Is Anti-God
  • Embraced Modernity In An Islamic Way, Not A Fundie
  • On Reason And Faith
  • Tibi Calls Abduh "Foremost Intellectual" Distances Abduh From Fundies
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  • An Egyptian pan-Islamic activist who was Afghani's chief disciple.
  • It was during this exile from Egypt that Abduh gave a series of lectures in Beirut - updated and given again at al-Azhar - that were later revised and published by his student Rashid Rida as "Risalat al-Tawhid" (The Theology of Unity) in 1897.


Muhammad Rashid Rida
  • A Syrian disciple of Abduh's, who moved to Egypt and founded a magazine, The Lighthouse (al Manar).
  • Framed The 20th Century Debate About Sharia Law
  • Rashid Rida Published Writings Of His Teacher, Muhammad Abduh


Hassan al-Banna
  • Who learned Islamism from Rashid Rida's The Lighthouse (al Manar), and who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928. Banna begat many offspring.
  • Banna studied al-Ghazali's writings in great detail
  • Muslim Brotherhood's Hassan Al-Banna Ideology Rooted In Marxism
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  • Chief Goal Of Muslim Brotherhood Is Restoration Of Caliphate
  • Essay on Greater And Lesser Jihad
  • More An Activist Than A Theorist, Very Charismatic
  • Muslim Brotherhood Lashed Out Against Nihilism And Pessimism


Taqiuddin al-Nabhani
  • Nabhani founded Hizb-ut Tahrir


Said Ramadan
  • Said Ramadan (died 1995) was the son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna
  • The Muslim Brotherhood's international organizer, whose headquarters were in Switzerland


Abul Ala Mawdudi
  • Offspring of Hassan al-Banna's Muslim Brotherhood organization
  • Democracy Can Never Be Reconciled Within Islam
  • Democracy Is 100% Against Islam
  • Mawdudi, A Marxist, Introduced "Revolutionary Vanguards" Into Islamism
  • Embraces Religious Totalitarianism
  • Islam And Democracy Are At Odds With Each Other
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  • Islamism Is A Major Threat To Democracy
  • Most Islamists Are Arab, Except Mawdudi
  • Not Merely Nostalgic For Past Greatness
  • Only Islam Is Antidote To The Sick West
  • State Must Be Based On Will Of God, For All The Rest Is Heresy


Sayyid Qutb
  • Adopts Ibn Taymiyya's Philosophy Of Legitimate Authority Into His Writings
  • Al-Nadwi's Influence On Qutb
  • All Believing In Self-Rule Are Heretics, Feeding Their Own Megalomania
  • Qutb & Mawdudi Both Influenced Khomeini, Yet Khomeini Retained His Shia Convictions
  • Believes West About To Collapse And Islamism Is Only Solution For Oncoming Mayhem
  • Blames Muslims For Western Dominance
  • Borrows From Mawdudi's Ideology
  • Qutb Extends Legitimacy Of Violence Into Islamism
  • Charges Of Jahillya Sufficient To Kill Muslim Intellectuals, Journalists, And Other Infidels
  • Democracy Has No Place Because It Is Man-Centered, Not God-Centered
  • Far More Influential Than Even Ayatollah Khomeini
  • Filled Ideological Void Left From Al-Banna's Death
  • Ideas Play Right Into The Clash Of Civilizations
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  • Jihad As "Islamic World Revolution" Is A New Idea Under Qutb
  • Muslims Begun Returning To Jahilyya
  • Muslims Forgotten Sense Of "Al-Taghallub" Or Superiority
  • Projected His Wandering Hopelessness Into Usa, Prescribed Islam As Its Cure
  • Qutb's Influence Similar To That Of Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto
  • Very Harsh Criticism Of Modernity
  • Viewed West As Crusaders, Infected With Jahilyya, Basically As Diseased
  • Western Collapse Caused By "Man-Centered" Modernity
  • May 1964 Qutb was released from prison, but he was then rearrested in August 1965
  • Qutb Jailed, Tortured, Sees Brothers Killed and Tortured Under Nasser
  • Wrote Commentary on Qur'an
  • Wrote Milestones
  • Executed by hanging, 1966


Muhammad Abd al-Salam Faraj


Abdullah Azzam
  • Saw Creation of Israel as 7-year old child in 1948
  • Azzam Radicalized From 1967 War
  • Fought in 1967 War against Israel
  • Joins Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood 1968
  • Attained Masters and PhD in Egypt 1970?-1973
  • Unwanted in Jordan due to Black September
  • Azzam Broke Ranks With Arafat's Secular PLO Movement
  • Some Claim Azzam Radicalized And Influenced By Saudi Mufti Bin Baz
  • Professor in Saudi Arabia, Meets Osama 1979
  • Issues Fatwa "Defense of the Muslim Lands" 1979
  • Azzam's First Prominent Act Was Fatwa Declaring Jihad Against Soviets In Afghanistan
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  • Founded MAK (Maktab al-Khidamat) to wage jihad in Afghanistan 1984
  • Azzam's Motto: "Jihad And Rifle Alone, No Negotiations, No Conferences, And No Dialogue"
  • Global Fundraising Tour 1980s
  • Says Battlefield Miracles Guiding Muhajideen 1980s
  • Wrote article on extending scale of jihad 1987 "Join the Caravan"
  • Wrote "The Lofty Mountain" 1989
  • After Afghan War, Azzam Wanted Mujahideen To Liberate Kashmir & Pakistan, And Join With The Deobandis
  • Assassinated, along with his two sons 1989


Ayman al-Zawahiri
  • Born in Cairo, 1951
  • Sayyid Qutb Executed, 1966
  • Yom Kippur War, 1973
  • Iranian Revolution, 1979
  • Mecca Seized, 1979
  • Anwar Sadat Assassinated, October 6, 1981
  • Imprisoned, in Conjunction with Sadat Assassination, 1981
  • Imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood Spent Much Time Discussing Failure Of Sadat Assassination
  • Imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood Drawn To Zawahiri From Wealth And He Fed Them Often
  • Zawahiri, As A Prisoner In Egypt, Helped Out In Prison Hospital
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  • Released from Egyptian Prison, 1984
  • Zawahiri to Peshwar, Pakistan, 1986
  • Worked with Abdullah Azzam, Recruiting Muhajideen, 1986-1989
  • "Jihad Group" Created, Dr. Fadl Named Emir 1987
  • First Founding Al Qaeda Meeting In Spring 1988 - Led By Zawahiri
  • Zawahiri Visits Brooklyn Office of al Khifah 1989
  • Al-Zawahiri Frequently Visits Bosnia, Works with Bosnian Muslim Politicians 1992-1994
  • Zawahiri Discusses Bosnia War and Weapons Requirements with Iranian Government 1992
  • Zawahiri Runs Bosnia Operations from Bulgaria 1994


Osama bin Laden
  • Osama born 1957
  • Osama's Mother Was Syrian From "Heretical" Sect Of Alawism
  • Osama's Mother Was Divorced By His Dad
  • Osama Grew Up With Father, Strict Wahhabi Education
  • Death Of Osama's Father When He Was 11 Years Old Might Have Produced Feeling Of Being An Outsider
  • Radicalized at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Studied under Sayyid Qutb's brother, Muhammad Qutb
  • Also studied under Abdullah Azzam
  • Osama One Of First Arabs To Fly For Jihad In Afghanistan
  • Osama Develops Ties with Pakistani ISI 1984
  • Osama Elevated To Unofficial Ambassadorial Role In Afghanistan & Pakistan, For Saudis
  • Osama's Real Talent In Afghanistan Was Logistical
  • Osama Arranges to Split Opium "Tax" with ISI, mid-1980s
  • First Founding Al Qaeda Meeting In Spring 1988 - Led By Zawahiri
  • Osama Started To Organizing Jihadis Into An Actual Army In 1988
  • Osama Did Not Attend Founding Meeting Of Al Qaeda (He Was In Jedda, Saudi Arabia)
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  • Zawahiri Persuaded Osama To Split From Azzam
  • Zawahiri Treating Osama's Bad Kidneys By 1989 At Least
  • Osama Assumes Leadership of MAK, Following Assassination of Abdullah Azzam 1989
  • Osama's Offer for 10,000 Fighters to Protect Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein Rejected 1990
  • Osama Flees Saudi Arabia for Sudan 1991
  • Soviet-Sponsored Afghan Govt Not Toppled Until 1992
  • Seven Groups Of Mujahideen Started Fighting Each Other After Victory In Afghanistan
  • Former Mujahideen Organized Coup Vs Libya, With Osama Bin Laden's Backing
  • Gaddafi Issues Warrant For Osama's Arrest, After Failed Attempt To Kill Gaddafi
  • Osama "Honored" To Accept 'terrorist' Label
  • Osama Told Enemies His Nuclear Ambitions, Unlike Most Terrorists
  • Osama: I Regard It A Sin Not To Use Nuclear Weapons Against Infidels
  • Osama Gets A Fatwa On WMDs From Saudi Arabia
  • Al-Fahd's Fatwa On WMDs References The Catapult As A WMD