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Thesis Checklist  
  • Does the thesis express your position in a full, declarative statement, not a statement of purpose, and not merely a topic?
  • Does the thesis limit the subject to a narrow focus that grows out of research?
  • Does the thesis establish an investigative, inventive edge to the discovery, interpretation, or theoretical presentation?
  • Does the thesis point forward to the conclusion?
  • Does the thesis conform to the title and the evidence you have gathered?

Thesis Cross-Discipline Lenses  
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Military Science
  • Psychology
  • Geography

Thesis Direction  
  • Argument
  • Cause and Effect
  • Comparison
  • Evaluation

Thesis Examples  
  • Langston Hughes used a controversial vernacular language that paved the way for later artists, even today's rap musicians.
  • Certain nutritional foods can prevent disease.
  • More people must become organ donors despite their initial resistance.
  • Nutritional foods may be a promising addition to the diet of those who wish to avoid certain diseases.
  • Nutritional foods can become an economic weapon in the battle against rising health care costs.
  • Other civilizations, including primitive tribes, have known about food's healing properties for centuries. Why did we let blind us to its benefits?
  • Poverty forced Santiago to venture too far and struggle beyond reason in his attempt to land the marlin.
  • The giant marlin is a symbol for all of life's obstacles and hurdles, and Santiago is a symbol for all suffering humans.
  • Hemingway's portrayal of Santiago demonstrates the author's deep respect for Cuba and its stoic heroes.
  • This paper will interpret a novel, The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest
  • Hemmingway. My purpose is to explain to fellow literature students the novel's setting and the social conditions of the old Cuban. I suspect that poverty forced Santiago to venture too far and struggle beyond reason in his attempt to land the marlin.
  • Hyperactive children need medication because ADHD is a medical disorder, not a behavioral problem.
  • Health-conscious Americans should eat functional foods because they protect against cancer and heart problems.

Thesis Generator  

Thesis Questions to Ponder  
  • 1.) What is my thesis? Will my notes and records defend and illustrate my proposition? Is the evidence convincing?
  • 2.) Have I found the best plan for developing the thesis with elements of argument, evaluation, cause-effect, or comparison?
  • 3.) Should I use a combination of elements (evaluation, comparison, causal analysis), and then set out the argument?

Thesis Refining Questions  
  • A thesis statement expresses a theory that you hope to support with your evidence and arguments.
    It is a proposition that you want to maintain, analyze, and prove. It will perform three tasks:
  • Set the argument to control and focus the entire paper.
  • Provide unity and a sense of direction.
  • Specify to the reader the point of the research