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  • Certainly
  • Almost Certainly
  • Probably
  • Chances About Even
  • Probably Not
  • Almost Certainly Not
  • Impossible

Content Analysis  
  • Identify Sample Source Materials
  • Define Categories To Be Measured
  • Establish Recording Unit
  • Devise System of Enumeration
  • Confirm Intercoder Reliability

Empirical Research  
  • Abstract
  • Hypothesis OR Research Purpose
  • Title
  • Introductions and Literature Review
  • Definitions
  • Assumptions, Limitations, and Delimitations
  • Method
  • Analysis and Results
  • Discussion

Intelligence Analysis  

Literature Review  
  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Statement of Importance of the Topic
  • Use of First Person is Acceptable
  • Essay Format, Not Annotated List
  • Emphasize Findings of Previous Research
  • Point Out Trends in Literature
  • Point Out Gaps in Literature
  • How Many People Are Affected
  • How Does Your Study Differ from Previous Studies
  • Express Opinions About Quality and Importance of Research
  • Peripheral Research May Be Cited
  • Consider Using Literature To Provide Historical Context
  • Consider Using Prior Literature Reviews On Your Topic

  • Company
  • Country
  • Individual
  • Organization

Research Papers
  • Outline the notes into TXT documents
  • Complete bibliographic data into the Werzit website, using a professional bibliographic software application, such as Academic Citation Style Guide
  • Create an Excel Grid
  • Produce Visio document, with each section of the paper
  • Assign cells from the Excel Grid to each section of  the paper
  • Assess what percentage of time will be required to complete each section, accounting for the quantity of topics assigned from the Excel Grid
  • Compose each section, in the most appropriate sequence, in a quality Text Editor, such as PSPAD or Crimson Editor, using version control for each section (for instance Introduction001, Introduction002, etc.)
  • Import the assembled Text documents into a Word Processor, such as AbiWord.
  • Correct any spelling errors
  • Run the entire paper through a professional grammar checking program, such as Wintertree's Grammar Expert Plus
  • Complete a bibliography for all the sources, borrowing from the already assembled bibliographic data from Werzit, and filling out any missing bibliographic details using a professional bibliographic software application, such as Academic Citation Style Guide
  • Format the paper to include a cover sheet, numbering each page, and adjust the margins according to the identified wishes of the professor

Statistical Analysis  
  • Displaying Keyword Data
  • Steps in a Stats Project