Research - Ambiguity

"In God we trust.
All others we monitor."


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Metaphorical/Metaphysical Conceit    

Two Meanings Into One    
  • Two or more meanings are resolved into one. Empson characterizes this as using two different metaphors at once.

Contextual Similarity    
  • Two ideas that are connected through context can be given in one word simultaneously.

Contextual Discrepancy    
  • Two or more meanings that do not agree but combine to make clear a complicated state of mind in the author.

Literary Discovery    
  • When the author discovers his idea in the act of writing. Empson describes a simile that lies halfway between two statements made by the author.

Inventive Discrepancy    
  • When a statement says nothing and the readers are forced to invent a statement of their own, most likely in conflict with that of the author.

Contextual Opposition    
  • Two words that within context are opposites that expose a fundamental division in the author's mind.