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US Foreign Aid to Israel approximately $2.8 billion per year
US Vetoed Israel in United Nations 43 times since 1972
In early 1950s, Egypt's Nasser was in regular communication with Moshe Sharett, Ben-Gurion's foreign minister, and the second Prime Minister of Israel. Therefore there was a real possibility of an Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement back then.

There's a whole range of devices (of foreign aid - ed) which have been looked into in some detail by people like Donald Neff and others, who arrived at the $6 billion figure. They include loans that are turned into grants, delaying payments, all sorts of financial trickery, handover of technology...A lot of it is military aid. What's military aid? Military aid is payment by the US taxpayer to US corporations. That's money that doesn't move out of US banks. (Class Warfare, pp. 166-167)


In Israel every girl who turns 18 must spend at least two years doing military service, which is something of a rarity compared to the rest of the world.

Border Nations

"The victory of Benjamin Netanyahu in the most recent Israeli elections was less the result of a referendum on the peace process than a referendum on personal security in the wake of multiple terrorist attacks. (Countering the New Terrorism, p. 97)

  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv
  • Haifa
  • Rishon Leion
  • Ashdod

Israeli kids sends gifts of love to Arab kids


IDF soldiers at Jerusalem's Western Wall shortly 
after its capture at conclusion of 1967 War.

  • Population: 6,352,117
  • Life Expectancy: 79.46 years
  • Literacy: 95.4%
  • Median Age: 29.6 years
  • Suffrage: 18 years - universal

Uri Avnery, journalist and politician


In fiscal year 1970, Israel received military credits from the United States worth $30 million. But thanks to a Jackson amendment, the next year the amount skyrocketed to $545 million. By 1974, it had reached an extraordinary $2.2 billion, more than seventy times what it had been just four years earlier. "We have a hero, and his name is Henry Jackson," gushed Mitchell Wohlberg, a Washington D.C. rabbi. (A Pretext for War, p. 273)

  • Land Size: slightly smaller than New Jersey
  • Total: 20,770 sq km
  • Water: 440 sq km
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60% of the new Israel was desert, but irrigation has changed the landscape

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Israeli security fence

Great Projects
  • Two Seas Canal
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Concrete barrier wall between Israel and Palestine has prevented Palestinian sniper attacks
  • Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty - 1979
  • Israeli Bombing of Iraq's Osirak Nuclear Facility - 1981
  • Massacre of Lebanese in Shabra and Shatila - 1982
  • Israel occupied Southern Lebanon 1982
  • European Commission placed arms embargo on Israel sometime after 1982 invasion of Lebanon
  • Hollinger Corporation purchases the Jerusalem Post - April 1989
  • Arafat acknowledges Israel's right to exist 1989
  • Hollinger Corporation fires approximately 20 news editors at Jerusalem Post - late 1989
  • Labor Party victory, Yitzhak Rabin elected Prime Minister - 1992
  • Israel withdrew most of its military from the West Bank following Oslo Peace Accords 1993
  • Israeli Settlers attack Israel's Housing and Construction Minister General Benyamin Ben Eliezer October 15, 1993
  • Baruch Goldstein massacred Ramadan worshippers - 1994
  • Operation Grapes of Wrath (Israel attacks Beirut in a land grab) - April 11, 1996
  • Israel requests jailed spy Jonathan Pollard to be released by the United States, April 2, 1998
  • Israel withdraws military forces from Lebanon 2000
  • Ariel Sharon visits Temple Mount - September 28, 2000
  • Israel withdraws military forces from Gaza 2005
  • Hezbollah-Israeli War - 2006

According to former CIA official Ray McGovern, the U.S. has asked Israel to sign a formal treaty of alliance, but Israel refuses, because it would have to define its borders.

Influential People
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Israel elected Irgun terrorist leader Menachim Begin as Prime Minister in 1977, who plotted the bombing of the King David Hotel, and the Deir Yassin Massacres
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • English
  • 95.4% Literacy

Israel has close strategic ties with Turkey