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"In God we trust.
All others we monitor."

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The name "America" derives from the Italian  explorer Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512)
US Vetoed Israel in United Nations 43 times since 1972
China Laser Blinds US Satellites
Most people living outside the United States think that America is a Christian country, and they assume most people are Christians. When they see American Christians with loose morality, such as premarital and extramarital sex, the gay lifestyle, and frequent divorce, they may think, "Who would want to convert to a religion that has such moral standards?" Islam and the Bible: Why Two Faiths Collide, p. 73



Map of US Oil Reserves

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Headquarters of National Association
Opposed to Woman Suffrage


1917: Women picketing White House for right
to vote

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"We don't need a weak dollar; we don't need a strong dollar; what we need is a stable dollar. Only in a Bretton Woods-like system with fixed exchange rates can this goal be achieved." Roland Leuschel 


The first country to recognize the United States was the Muslim nation of Morocco


Seventh Anniversary of WTC Attack

  • American Revolution
  • Society of Cincinnatus
  • Monroe Doctrine (1823)
  • Texas Revolution (1835-36)
  • Mississippi passes the first Married Woman's Property Act (1839)
  • US Civil War
  • Susan B. Anthony is arrested and brought to trial in Rochester, New York, for attempting to vote for Ulysses S. Grant in the presidential election. At the same time, Sojourner Truth appears at a polling booth in Grand Rapids, Michigan, demanding a ballot; she is turned away. (1872)
  • (1878) A Woman Suffrage Amendment is introduced in the United States Congress. The wording is unchanged in 1919, when the amendment finally passes both houses.
  • Meiji Restoration
  • Spanish American War
  • American women gain right to vote (1920)
  • War Plan Red [1920s]
  • Scopes Trial "Monkey Trial"
  • Great Depression (1930s)
  • American Dust Bowl (1930s)
  • American Liberty League Coup
  • Pearl Harbor Day (1941)
  • McCarthyism
  • British Special Relationship
  • Cold War
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Cuban Revolution
  • Gulf of Tonkin
  • Laotian Civil War
  • Counter Culture
  • Bay of Pigs
  • Cambodian Genocide
  • Dollar Severed from Gold Standard (August 15, 1971)
  • Watergate Scandal
  • Oil Shocks (1973-1973)
  • Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
  • Iranian Revolution
  • Iran - Contra Affair
  • Mississippi Becomes 48th State to Pass 19th Ammendment to Constitituion (1984)
  • Crash October (1987)
  • Iraq War
  • Century Floods (1993)
  • Special Relationship
  • Suez War (Sinai War, Suez Crisis)
  • USS Liberty
  • End of History thesis 1990
  • Warren Buffet purchased 20% of world's total output of silver, from July 1997 to February 3, 1998
  • Kursk Incident
  • Second Battle of Fallujah - 2004

The ``service sector''--in which 70% of U.S. workers are now employed-- Michael Boskin, ``We used to have an economy that produced things that were easy to count: tons of steel and bushels of wheat.'' 


US manufacturing is so decimated we can no longer initiate our own recovery

  • Christian (78.5%, 235,500,000)
    Protestant (51.3%, 153,900,000)
    Roman Catholic (23.9%, 71,700,000)
    Mormon (1.7%, 5,100,000)
    Other Christian (1.6%), 4,800,000)
  • Muslim (2%, 6,000,000)
  • Jewish (1.6%, 4,800,000)
  • Buddhist (0.7%, 2,100,000)