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African Affairs    

African Studies Quarterly    

African Studies Review    
  • Institution: University of Massachusetts

Air and Space Power Journal    
  • Institution: US Air Force

Americas, The    
  • Institution: Project MUSE

American Review of Canadian Studies    

Arab Studies Quarterly    
  • Institution: Association of Arab-American University Graduates

Armed Forces & Society    

Arms Control Today    
  • Institution: Arms Control Association

Asian Affairs: An American Review    
  • Institution: Heldref Publications

Atlantic Monthly    
  • Institution: Atlantic Monthly Group
Brown Journal of International Affairs    

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists    


Canada and the World Backgrounder    
  • Institution:

Commentary Magazine    
  • Institution: Commentary Magazine

Comparative Strategy    
  • Institution: Taylor & Francis


Contemporary Review    
  • Institution:


Covert Action Quarterly    
  • Institution:

Defense & Security Analysis    
  • Institution: Taylor & Francis

Democracy and Security    

Demokratizatsiya: Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization    


Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law    

  • Institution: Economist Newspaper Limited

Europe-Asia Studies    

Executive Intelligence Review    
  • Institution: Executive Intelligence Review


Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review    
  • Institution: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Institution: Schiller Institute

Fletcher Forum of World Affairs    

Foreign Affairs    
  • Institution: Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Policy    
  • Institution: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel
  • Writer's Guide
Foreign Policy in Focus    
  • Institution: Institute for Policy Studies
  • Institution: Fusion Energy Foundation
  • Web (none)
Fusion Asia    
  • Institution: Fusion Energy Foundation
  • Web (none)

Futurist, The    
  • Institution: World Future Society

Geographical Journal    
  • Institution: Wiley

Geological Review    
  • Institution:

Georgetown Journal of International Law    

Harvard International Review    
  • Institution: Harvard University


Harvard Theological Review    
  • Institution: Harvard University

Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences    
  • Institution: University of California Press

History of Religions    

History Today    

  • Institution: InformationWeek

International Journal on World Peace

International Security
  • Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Israel Studies
  • Institution: Indiana University Press

Japan Focus

Jewish Social Studies

Journal of the American History

Journal of the American Oriental Society
  • Institution: American Oriental Society

Journal of Church and State
  • Institution: Baylor University

Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • Frequency: Bi-Monthly
  • Institution: Yale University

Journal of Contemporary History
  • Institution: Sage

Journal of Interdisciplinary History
  • Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Journal of International Affairs
  • Institution: Columbia University

Journal of Military History

Journal of Modern African Studies

Journal of Strategic Security
  • Institution: Henley-Putnam University
  • Writer Guidelines: 1,500 - 3,000 words

Journal of Strategic Studies

Middle East, The
  • Institution: IC Publications


Middle East Economic Digest
  • Institution:

Middle East Journal
  • Institution: Middle East Institute

Middle East Policy
  • Institution: Middle East Policy Council

Middle East Quarterly

Middle Eastern Studies

Military Review

Military Thought
  • Institution: East View Information Services


National Interest, The

Naval War College Review
  • Institution: Naval War College Press

New African
  • Institution: IC Publications
  • Magazine

New Republic
  • Institution: The New Republic

New Scientist
  • Institution: Reed Business Information Ltd.

New Yorker
  • Institution: The New Yorker

Non Proliferation Review
  • Institution: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Offshore Financial Review
  • Institution:

Ohio Journal of Economics and Politics
  • Institution: Ohio State University

Pacific Affairs    

Pacific Historical Review    
  • Institution: University of California Press
  • Institution: US Army War College

Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology

Philosophical Forum, The
  • Institution: Wiley

Policy Review
  • Institution: Stanford University

Political Quarterly

Political Science and Politics
  • Institution: American Political Science Association
Political Science Quarterly

Policy Studies Journal

Public Historian, The
  • Institution: University of California Press

Public Manager, The

  • Location: Australia

Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Institution: MIT

Research in African Literature

Risk & Insurance
  • Institution: LRP Publications

Risk Management
  • Institution: Risk and Insurance Management Society

Rolling Stone

  • Institution: AAAS

Security Management
  • Institution: ASIS International

Signal Magazine
  • Institution: AFCEA

Online only

Small Wars Journal
  • Institution: Small Wars Foundation

Social Research
  • Institution: New School for Social Research

Sociology of Religion
  • Institution: Association for the Sociology of Religion

  • Institution: The Spectator Limited

Structure and Dynamics
  • Institution: Institute for Behavioral Sciences Social Dynamics and Complexity

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
  • Institution: Taylor & Francis

Studies in Intelligence
  • Institution: Central Intelligence Agency


  • Institution:

Online only

Terrorism Monitor
  • Institution: Jamestown Foundation

  • Institution: Jamestown Foundation


Turkish Review of Balkan Studies
  • Institution:

Twentieth Century History Review
  • Institution:

UNESCO Courier
  • Institution: UNESCO

Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law
  • Institution: Vanderbilt University

Washington Monthly
  • Institution: Washington Monthly

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
  • Institution: American Educational Trust

  • Institution:

World Affairs
  • Institution: [New Delhi, India]

World Policy Journal