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The Federal Deficit: Past, Present and Future

  • A Case of a Currency Crisis: The Russian Default of 1998
  • American System Economics Syllabus
  • An Analysis of Russia's 1998 Meltdown: Fundamentals and Market Signals
  • Banking and Currency Crises and Systemic Risk: Lessons from Recent Events
  • The Big Meltdown
  • Bubble, Toil, and Trouble
  • Central Bank Deceived the State with GKO
  • Do Hedge Funds Increase Systemic Risk?
  • Drinking Water Security: Is America's Drinking Water Infrastructure Safer Four Years Later?
  • Extreme Contagion in Equity Markets
  • Flower Power: The Lessons
  • Flowers of Greed: Tulips in the Ages of Exuberance
  • History of Business Bubbles, Empires, Giants Captivating
  • Is the Stock Market a Free Market?
  • Plunge Protection for Markets
  • Reflections on the Augmentation of Wages Which Will Be Occasioned in Europe by the American Revolution
  • Russia and the IMF: A Sordid Tale of Moral Hazard
  • Shanghai What-If: How a Shock Can Become a Shock Wave
  • Soros's Quantum Fund Losses in Russia Put at $2 Billion
  • Stick To Currency Controls
  • Sustaining the Unsustainable; Global Imbalances (America's Current Account Deficit)
  • Use Single-Country Emerging Markets Funds Wisely
  • When the National Brand Loses Its Appeal
  • When the Tulip Bubble Burst

  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
  • Das Kapital
  • Economic Consequences of the Peace
  • Economics of the Noosphere
  • False Dawn: The Delusion of Global Capitalism
  • Genocide: Russia and the New World Order
  • Harmony of the Interests, The
  • Henry Charles Carey
  • Kautilya Today
  • Letters to Kennedy
  • Outlines of American Political Economy
  • Principles of Social Science
  • Protection or Free Trade: An Examination of the Tariff Question with Especial Regard to the Interests of Labor
  • Report on the Subject of Manufactures
  • Wealth of Nations, The

Economists and Bankers

Historical Programs
  • Maastricht Plan
  • Marshall Plan


  • Cash Reserve Ration
  • Controlled Disintegration of the Economy
  • Current Account Deficit
  • Durable Goods
  • Hyperinflation
  • Market Basket
  • Mittelstand
  • National Bank



Real Economy
  • Bailouts of Speculators But Not States
  • Bankruptcies
  • Budget Deficit
  • Collapsing Tax Base
  • Financial Speculation
  • Inflation
  • Infrastructure Not Maintained or Replaced Adequately
  • Job Outsourcing
  • National Savings Rate
  • Personal Indebtedness
  • Post Industrial Drift
  • Skilled Labor Shortages
  • US Trade Deficit/Gap