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Werzit - Intel - LC514 - Assignment 2 - Research Analysis Paper

Assignment 2 - Research Analysis Paper

Objectives: This Assignment, in accordance with Graduate academic endeavors, provides an opportunity to skills, evaluate assimilation of course topics, and sharpen and evaluate Students’ research & critical analysis. The Assignment is driven & tested by a combination of course materials and external self-led research (depending upon essay selected); analyzed and presented in essay form. 

Type: This Assignment consists of either a single 12 page (minimum) Essay or two Short Essays instead, of 6 pages each (which total the same -12 pages) from the below list, on a variety of topics concerning terrorism and its roots. The material in all of these essays, will mostly require a combination of the course required reading materials (either done or ahead) and also self-led external research, to varying degrees. 

Format: A title page is required for each paper, in addition to the 12 pages. Format of paper: font: Ariel size 10 or Times New Roman size 12. Single line spacing. Page size: US letter size or A4. MS Word document. Paper layout: portrait or landscape as required. Title Pages required to show Student’s name and number, Assignment title, and course number. Papers may be illustrated with graphics, title and sources cited, additional to the 12 pages of text. If the 2 essays are opted for, they should be in a single document, but clearly segregated by titles. n.b. A page of text is about 600 words, so a 12 page paper amounts to about 7200 words. Check the minimum word count in your paper(s) by going (when the paper is open in MS Word) to ‘File’, ‘Properties’, and ‘Statistics’.

Titles: Select your title(s) from the following topics: 

Religious Roots of Political Motivations to Extreme Poverty as Unemployment as a Motivation for 
Terrorism Terrorism Roots of Terrorism Terrorist Recruitment 
Terrorism & Its Roots Historical Roots of Terrorism 
Terrorism Roots in Differences in the Roots 
Domestic Oppression as Roots of Terrorism in 
Oppression and Denial of between Terrorist ‘Foot 
Roots of Terrorism Guerrilla Warfare 
Law & Human Rights Soldiers’ and Leaders 
Roots of International Terrorism Terrorism for Motives of Opportunism 
Roots of Trans-national Terrorism Roots of Domestic Terrorism 
Roots of Terrorism in the Roots of Right Wing Roots of Left Wing Roots of Terrorism in 
Middle East Terrorism Terrorism Europe 
Roots of Terrorism in the Roots of Terrorism in Roots of Terrorism in Roots of Terrorism in 
USA Russia South America Jammu & Kashmir 
Roots of the Muslim Roots of Terrorism in Roots of Terrorism in Roots of Terrorism in 
Brotherhood Africa Eurasia South East Asia 
Roots of Terrorism in 
Roots of Suicide Psychological Roots of 
Terrorism in War & Peace 
Colonialism and 
Terrorism Terrorism 
Terrorism with ‘False Racial Roots to 
Catalysts of Terrorism 9/11 Terrorism Roots 
Flag Operation’ Roots Terrorism 
Terrorism with Gender- Roots of Terrorism in Terrorism in the French 
State Terrorism 
Related Roots Communism Revolution 
Terrorism in the Armenian genocide The Pan Am 103 Lockerbie case 
The USS Liberty case The USS Cole case 
The George Metesky Case The Beirut Mosque Bombing (8 March 1985) Case 
Any relevant topic (not previously used in your other academic papers) pre-agreed with Professor. 
Special paper on the Alqa’ida Trans-national Terrorist Network. 
If you opt for this paper, it is like the others above, except that the format is slightly different, being a [7200 word minimum], 
concentrated research paper. You should research for the paper from any and all sources available. Once you have 
collated your information, analyze it and then present it as a research-style document, easy to read and navigate – to do 
that, you should make clear paragraph headings of the topics, and may highlight or underline them if you wish. Source 
citation requirements remain unchanged. Here are some the headings as an example - feel free to add to them: 

Headings should include: Name; Size; Members’ Nationalities; Location; History; Record of Attacks; Modus Operandi; 
Doctrine; Strategy; Motivations; Leadership; Organizational Structure; Weaponry; Financial Assets, and Other Assets.