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Werzit - Intel - LC514 - Exam Two Multiple Choice 74 Questions

FINAL EXAM: Multiple Choice 74 Questions

EXAM 2: Final Examination 

This Examination provides an opportunity to measure Students’ assimilation of the Course 
Syllabus, especially important historical facts, and also requires some very limited research and analysis 
outside of course materials. Written work is absolutely essential and paramount at Graduate level. 
Assimilation of facts however, does not stop with Undergraduate work, and topical (non-general) written 
papers do not test wide-ranging assimilation of facts beyond the narrow topic selected for a given paper. To 
be Master (M.A. or M.Sc.) in one’s field, it is necessary to know a deal of facts across the discipline, not just 
to be able to critique and synthesise a narrow band or sub-topic, hence these wide-ranging mc questions. 

This Examination consists of 74 Multiple Choice (mc) questions on the widest possible range of 
Terrorism and its Roots, in a variety of scenarios, with the majority of the questions based upon the required 
readings, and course media materials. 

Course Value: This Examination counts for 30% of your APUS Final Course Grade. 

Deadline: See Syllabus Course Outline Table for Examination deadline. 

Location: In the Classroom, click on ‘Exams’, then ‘Exam 2; Final Examination’. 

Multiple Sessions: If Students wish to access the Examination on multiple occasions, they should make a 
separate note of their answers. 

Submission: When Students have all their answers complete, they should enter them all into the 
Examination together, then click on the ‘submit’ button. 


On account of the large amount of information to assimilate on the topics of Terrorism and its Roots, 
the questions in this exam cover the syllabus in a certain order. At the beginning of each question (except 
Research questions), is mentioned the course materials’ source from which the question is derived (e.g. 
book or folder, or media DVD etc). 
You are strongly advised to read these exam questions before engaging in further course work (and 
print them out if you wish). You will then be familiar with the questions and be able to respond to some of 
them immediately, having just read or viewed the relevant sources in the course materials to which the 
questions correspond.