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Werzit - Intel - LC514 - Assignment 1 - Discussion Board

ASSIGNMENT 1: Discussion Board Activity 
Course Value This Assignment counts for 15% of your APUS Final Course Grade. 

Deadline See Syllabus Course Outline Table for Examination deadline. 

In General: The Discussion Board ask questions (some are quite controversial) in order to provoke thought – to achieve a higher, expanded, more rapid level of thinking. In responding, we must frame convincing arguments (not 'shooting from the hip' or writing from instinct or 'gut-feeling', as it were). The responses should be argued and rationalised with methodical reasoning (and occasionally by citing information sources or convincing alternatives). Your Discussion Board responses are graded work, so a good effort is required and in your direct interests. Whatever views you put forward or write (inside of reasonable propriety and 
professional military ethics), are graded impartially – with absolutely no bias. 

1. Read the assigned material beforehand, then use common sense when posting. 

2. Remember that you always have two options: posting a new thread or responding to an existing thread. The content of your message should determine which of these you choose. 

3. Do not waste text or over-quote. Include only the specific information you are responding to, and exclude the rest. Avoid diatribe, macho language and airing negative (and illegal) racial / religious / gender-bias opinions. 

4. Be familiar with the thread topic and make your response direct, or to the point. If your post does not add value, do not submit it. e.g. Do not use the Discussion Board to send "thanks" messages (use your e-mail for that). 

5. Avoid posting inappropriate or inclement messages aimed another course member. If there is some tension or problem between you and another class member, e-mail the Course Professor with details and permit him to solve the problem. 

6. Refrain from ‘blind sloganing’ or other mindlessness – parroting media or political party slogans, diatribe, and unsubstantiated cliché. The Discussion Board is a public chat-room, nor platforms to project personal political views. Think first, then reason and substantiate your point – justify it, if you can’t provide firsthand evidence. 

7. Respect other people's opinions. We can and will disagree – respect that right. If you disagree, do it politely – you are colleagues on this course, so be courteous to one another. 

8. Don’t plagiarize – give credit if due. Spell check and re-read your messages before posting.